Image by Karin Henseler from Pixabay

In this relative world of duality and opposites, winning not only creates winners, it creates losers. We can’t have one without the other because winning is a competitive thing. We define it as beating someone else. Whether it’s in business, sports, or any other contest, the winner triumphs over the competition, charges ahead of the opposition, or out-thinks the challenger.

When we win in this world we feel good about our self, and we may even brag a little. When we lose we often feel bad about our self, and may complain a lot! Feeling like a winner creates confidence that Life is on our side. Feeling like a loser creates self-doubt, and often self-pity, because we’re convinced that Life is against us.

We read in the Book of Romans, “What then shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?” How we respond to people, conditions, situations, and events in our life is our choice, and it is the choice we make that works for us or against us. We can choose to respond with trust that if God is for us we have all we need in every moment to get us through with flying colors. Or we can choose to respond with fear convinced that there is some power that is opposing our good and keeping what we need from us.

If we were to judge our self, and what we are capable of accomplishing in life, by the fluctuating situational facts of this world that can go either way in any moment, it might seem to us the problems in our life are beyond our ability to respond with confidence and positivity. The challenges that seem to keep coming our way may seem to have the power to stop us from succeeding and living a life in which we feel healthy, happy, peaceful, and free. In this world of contrast and opposites we’d all be winners if there were no losers. But, as A Course in Miracles reminds us “The world is insane, and what can be expected from insane premises but insane conclusions.”

It is important for us to remind our self every day, and often throughout the day, that we do not live at the whimsy of this world. We live by the Authority of God, and God is always for us because God is Love. There are not winners and losers in a Universe without opposition or separation. Because we are One with a Pure Positive Energy of Love that created us to win by supplying everything we need to succeed at being the Being we are, only God has boasting rights to our successful self-expression here…and hereafter.

The spiritual teacher, Osho, said, “Love is the first step toward the Divine, surrender is the last, and two steps is the whole journey.” We win, not by charging ahead of each other but by surrendering to the Love that embraces us all. We make our Earth Journey hard, long and tiresome, repeating the same steps over and over again, getting nowhere. Whereas, as a Divine Spark of Holy Light in human form, we are here not to keep tripping over our own feet, and not to compete with the world and each other, but through our self-expression to extend and expand the Love that created us, and share it each other. We came to live in Joy that adds Joy to the world, and to live in Peace that adds to Peace on Earth.

Deepak Chopra wrote, “Surrender is faith that the power of love can accomplish anything even when you cannot for-see the outcome.” We came into this human experience to learn through the unique way this diverse and contrasting environment can teach us, to trust the Universe by surrendering to the Love that created It and us in It. When we learn to trust that Life is for us, we gain greater awareness of our Divine Identity as the Thought of Universal Love in form.

Earth Life as a borderless classroom designed for the learning we came to learn. Everyday this living classroom gives us an opportunity to gain greater inner knowledge about who we already are and what our relationship to each other already is. Everyday, if we choose to take them, we can learn powerful lessons of Love. We feel it within when we’re ready to learn those lessons, and we feel it within us when we’re not. One is a feeling of excitement and possibilities, while the other is often a feeling of self-doubt and even dread.

It’s not like like the days in school when we often felt forced to learn things we weren’t interested in. We’re here in this Earth Class to learn lessons that we, alone, call to us along our Earth Journey. Every relationship, condition, situation, and event, no matter what it is, is there to help us to win greater freedom to express more and more of the Being within us that desires to express as us. Buddha said, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” But sometimes it seems our lessons come to us whether we’re ready or not. Sometimes we don’t feel like learning from a particular challenge, we feel more like blaming the world and those in it for challenging us. When we do, it’s like being in school and blaming our teacher or the other students for our poor grades.

When we resist learning the very lesson we’re asking to learn through the vibration of our thinking, life becomes a struggle. And, as we struggle against life, we miss the higher lessons that the challenges in our life are there to teach us. When we look at things that go well in our life as a matter of good luck, and the things that don’t go well as a matter of bad luck, we cheat our self out of experiencing a greater awareness of the Divine Love that is always for us.

Osho said, “If you trust, everything that happens will help you grow. Life will provide you with everything. Whatever you need at a given moment, you will be given fair at that moment. This is the beauty of trusting. Little by little you’ll see how existence gives to you, that it takes care of you. You are not indifferent to existence. You are not ignored by her.” Everything that happens will help us grow, if we let it. When we trust life is for us and takes care of us, everything that happens teaches us exactly that. If we want to feel a sense of well-being, peace and ease in our mind, if we’ve been longing to feel Love and Joy in our heart, every life situation has a lesson of Love within it designed especially with us in mind.

The Persian Poet, Rumi, wrote: “There comes a time when nothing is meaningful except surrendering to love.” If we can remember that everyone in this human experience with us is here to live and learn just like us, we can learn what we desire to learn from everyone around us. And, then we can demonstrate what we’ve learned of Love by expressing the compassion, forgiveness, kindness, reverence, humility, peace, and happiness that flows naturally from the Love within us into the world around us.

The Dutch Priest, Henri Nouwen, wrote: “Every time you feel hurt, offended, or rejected, you have to dare to say to yourself: “These feelings, strong as they may be, are not telling me the truth about myself. The truth, even though I may not feel it right now, is that I am the chosen child of God, precious in God’s eyes, called the Beloved from all eternity.” We’ve never been hurt by trusting Love. We’ve only been hurt by those who could not offer It to us. It takes trust to surrender pain when what we want to do is blame. But we hurt our self when we withhold Love. It takes trust to surrender to Love when we can’t for-see the outcome. But when we surrender to Love in any given moment we win because we learn the lesson of Love we came here to learn.