God is all there is all the time, everywhere, and within every condition and situation of this human experience, no matter what the condition or situation may be. The Spiritual Truth about all life in the Universe, including yours and mine, is unchangeable. Nothing about our spirituality changes no matter what appears to be going on. The Universe, and every living being within It, is now and forever the holy creation of God’s Love. Nothing in the world can change God. Nothing that happens in the world can alter God’s Love. In the Book of Hebrew we read, “Christ (God’s Beloved) is the same yesterday and today and forever.” God’s unshakeable, immovable Love remains forever present in you and me, and in everything we see no matter how unlike God some things may appear to be at times.

Ken Wilber wrote, “There is nothing but God, nothing but the Spirit in every direction, and not a grain of sand nor a grain of dust is more or less Spirit than any other.” Nothing—not covid, not cancer, not any human condition or situation—has the power to make any of us less Spirit than we are, even for a moment. Our Divinity doesn’t come and go according to the situations and conditions in our life because there is nothing but God in every direction of our life. God loves us eternally, and therefore no matter what may appear in our life at any time, there are gifts of Love for us to receive in the midst of whatever is happening.

The situations in our life won’t change by analyzing why they happen, by trying to figure out why someone doesn’t love us or isn’t nice to us, or why we’re having a financial challenge, or why we’re experiencing illness. Analysis causes paralysis as far as healing goes because it keeps us focused on outer conditions and limits our awareness of what can be to the appearances of what’s already happened. We could say we can only navigate our Divinity in positive ways through this human environment by using our Divine Guidance System, our holy intuition. Anytime we’re angry, resentful or fearful because something has happened in our life, or to a loved one, we’re unable to feel the reassurance of our Spirit, and the free-flow of Love that is caring for us and guiding us.

Acceptance of what’s happening in our life without resistance, without fighting against whatever it is, opens us to the Love and guidance of our Inner Being that always knows it’s all good right where we are. Acceptance removes doubt and we become more certain that Love will guide us through. As we remember who we truly are, we’re not afraid of navigating through rough waters. We feel Love guiding us from a more tranquil place within us. Accepting what comes with the awareness that what happens in our human experience has no power to change our Divinity empowers us not only to get through any situation or condition, but to grow in spiritual awareness and expand in spiritual self-expression because of it.

As we open our mind and heart to Love’s love for us, we begin to look within me for the gifts Love is offering to us within every condition and situation. We become clear that that each Divine gift is answering a call from us for a deeper relationship with our Inner Being. We resist the good we’ve asked for whenever we’re focused on thoughts and appearances that disagree with what we want to experience.

How do we know if we’re going with the holy flow of Universal Love’s givingness or we’re mentally resisting our good? It seems so simple, but it’s not always easy to remember. What doesn’t feel good to focus on, what doesn’t feel good to think about, doesn’t feel good because it isn’t good for us. It keeps our cork submerged, stuck in the muck of fear and limitation rather than floating freely on the joyous Ocean of Love. Good feels good to focus on, good feels good to think about, because it’s good for us. Positive thoughts let our cork float in the high, happy, healing vibrations of life where it is easier for us to navigate as the Divine Being we are no matter what the human circumstances may be.

But there is such a strong, Divinely natural desire within all of us to feel our unity with each other that we often join with others who have suffered in this life as a way of experiencing our oneness. Abraham-Hicks tells us that some people write music about heartbreak and books about traumas and tragedy because that is a big audience, and appears to make a bigger connection with others than songs and books about happiness. There even seems to be a camaraderie among those who have experienced covid, either in their own body or through the experience of a loved one. Our deeper desire to connect with each other seems to make us want to share the details of symptoms. That is why it is vital for us to be aware that our sympathetic conversations of commiseration inadvertently perpetuate the very conditions in this world that none of us desires to experience again. We need to be willing to let past experiences go, no matter how dramatic or compelling those experiences may be, or how curious others may be about them. If we’ve prayed to manifest the Truth of our Divinity, we must live in the here and now of answered prayer. Abraham-Hicks tells us, “That was then, this is now. Don’t talk about it anymore. There’s no point in beating the drum of anything you don’t want to repeat.”

“Trending” is a popular term these days. Thirty years ago, before the development of social networks, it usually referred to what was happening in the stock market or in the field of medicine, or to a sudden increase in the popularity of something that was causing more and more people to focus on it. Such trends were described in newspapers without controversy, and reported by anchormen without opinions. With the addition of Social Media “trending” means a lot more. Social Networks have created a whole new platform in which trending topics can be talked about by anyone and everyone, and influenced solely by opinions. A trending topic is something that is hot news or hot conversation within the general public. It’s something everyone seems to be talking about and everyone has an opinion about. On Twitter when a word, phrase or hashtag has been used multiple times, for whatever reason, it becomes a trending topic. Twitter even has section “Trends for you” combines the most popular words and phrases with whatever Twitter thinks you’ll have an interest in.

We’re told that we should be interested in trending topics; that we should be aware of what’s being talked about, and join in the conversation because following trending topics, and giving our opinion, gives us a personal voice and a greater connection with others. But if we want to be a deliberate creator of our own experiences in this earth life, we need to tend to our own trend. We’re always trending in either a positive or negative direction through the vibration of our thoughts. But we’re not always paying attention to, or tending to, what we’re focused on. We can’t trend in a positive direction that is inspired from within us if we’re following the negative trends of the world. Joining in opinions and conversations of anger, opposition and conflict keeps us focused on the situations in front of us. Negative thoughts cause us to dwell in the lower vibrations of fear that cause more negativity to trend in our experience. Positive thoughts cause us to trend upward into the high healing vibrations of joy, love, gratitude, peace, and well being.

We tend to our mental and emotional trend by becoming aware of how our thoughts and conversations are causing us to feel. We tend to our trend by noticing how much of our mental vibration we offer to our Divinity in each moment, no matter what may be going on, and how much we offer to what we see in front of us that might be appearing as sickness, sorrow, lack, limitation, conflict, or confusion. The more we focus on a challenge, the more we tend to trend toward similar challenges. But, if we’re paying attention, and tending to how our thoughts are trending by noticing how we’re feeling, we can catch a thought that is causing a downward trend in the very moment we’re thinking it. In this way we can change it before it takes us in a direction we don’t want to go.

Complaining about what’s going on in this seemingly crazy world may seem logical, and even justified. But it won’t give us a new trend, or a new view in 2022. If we’ve been waiting for a fixed point on the calendar, hoping that it will bring about something new for us and world, it’s time for us to realize that the fixed point that will change things isn’t on the calendar, it’s within us. What trends in 2022 is up to each of us and what we decide to focus on and talk about. Nothing can be new until we see it that way.

Papaji said, “You are always free, but your attention is elsewhere. Just turn your attention to your Being and away from impermanent objects. What you are, is always Here.” If we want 2022 to be new for us, if we want to experience more peace of mind and more freedom to love, we must get in sync with the well-being of our Inner Being and stop living in fear. Who we are is always Here, always present within us no matter what may be happening in this human experience. We align with our Inner Divine by practicing feeling good, and by following the Guidance of Love within us no matter what may be trending in the world.

Tending to our mental and emotional trend allows us to be pulled by Love towards our well-being, not pushed around by fear. There is a peace that comes to our mind, and a serenity that settles in our heart, whenever we follow our Divine Guidance, even if no one else seems to be trending our way. When we’re in sync with our Divinity we are following the trend of Love. And, that trend is the trend that will change the world and make it new.