As we look deeper into November’s theme, “Faithfulness,” and explore how we can practice being true to our Inner Truth no matter what may be going on in our outer life, let us consider how a thankful life, i.e, a life lived with conscious appreciation and gratitude for Life, Itself, not only changes how we experience the moments of our life, but has the power to create the life we will want to live tomorrow.

We are where we are right now physically, emotionally and mentally. Right now is the only time we have to change any thought that doesn’t feel good to a thought that feels better. We can wait until tomorrow but that won’t help things get better right now.

If we appreciate our yesterdays more than appreciate this moment, If we are looking back and longing for where we have been because we don’t like where we are right now, we’re not going to like tomorrow any better than we like today because we’re creating tomorrow right now. Destiny is “predetermined” by moment-to-moment choices that written in energy, not in stone.

Whether we are waiting for health to appear in the body, a love relationship to arrive at our door, or more financial resources to show up in our bank account—whatever we are waiting for that we think will make our life better—it is important for us to decide to start enjoying our life right now anyway. If we decide to feel grateful for being alive in the first place, no matter how our life might appear in the place we’re in, our attitude of gratitude will keep our spirits uplifted with healing energy as we move through whatever conditions and situations may be happening, without letting what is happening pull us down.

Pointing out what is still wrong with our life, and feeling disappointment and resentment because whatever seems to be wrong is still there, isn’t going to make it go away or make us feel better. All a negative, complaining outlook will do for us—no matter what or who we’re complaining about, how justified it may seem, or how much sympathy we get—all that the low and often pain energy that accompanies a pessimistic outlook will do is keep things from getting better for us right now, and in the tomorrows to come. If we are waiting to see something to feel thankful for (so we can feel thankful for it) we’re not going to see it, not in the way we want to see it, because the good we desire to see can’t materialize for us through our mental and emotional filters of doubt, fear and pessimism.

It’s been said that thankful thoughts are the highest form of thought, and gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder. Like all spiritual qualities, gratitude is a powerful creative force that lives in us. We let our self feel it by appreciating everything around us without judging whether it “deserves” appreciation or not. When we live our life in conscious appreciation and gratitude for Life, and our self in Life, we are able to enjoy our life as it’s happening, without postponing our enjoyment for another time when things get better, or waiting for an official day like Thanksgiving Day.

It feels good to feel good because we’re created to feel Good.That is why when we’re not feeling good (physically, emotionally or mentally) we look for some condition to change so we can feel good again. But if we keep looking at the same old things our eyes have been seeing, and see no change, we will continue not to feel good, and not feeling good affects our health, our relationships, and every other aspect of our life.

Faithfulness doesn’t deviate. So a life filled with thankfulness doesn’t become ungrateful when things don’t seem to be going in a certain way. We could say faithfulness is a devotion to acknowledging and feeling the Presence of Good everywhere even before it becomes visible to our eyes.

If daily our daily mantra is “thank you, thank you, thank you for this day,” we plant seeds of happiness that spring up from the warmth of our heart like flowers in the snow all day long. Our devotion to loving Life, and loving our self in Life because we recognize that God is love and life is about loving, allows everything to get better and better and better each moment because every moment is the moment of change and transformation.

We can decide to start celebrating Thanksgiving right now because it’s not ever going to get better than it is right now…until it gets better right now!