Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay

If we want to access our power to create a life we enjoy living, we need to be courageous enough to be our authentic self. Being our self might seem simple enough, but it takes a bold decision to trust that there is more to us than meets the eye, more to us than we’ve experienced so far, and more to life than there appears to be. Sacred texts tell us that “eye has not seen, nor ear heard, those things that God has prepared for those who love Him.”

If we love to love and be loved. we love God. If we enjoy feeling joy and bringing joy wherever we go, we love God. If we desire peace and choose peace no matter what, we love God. As lovers of God the possibilities for our self-expression, enjoyment and fulfillment in our daily is life unlimited. In fact, as lovers of God, we can expect more and more of those goodies that have been “prepared” for us to come into our life.

We all want to experience a life that feels good to live, or else why live a life at all? We all want to attract beautiful things, loving people, and plenty of happy experiences. We all want to contribute to life, and share of our self unselfishly through an overflowing graciousness that inspires us to give freely. Giving freely without holding back feels fantastic. It’s the definition of freedom!

When we express our self honestly, truthfully and enthusiastically because we are aware that giving is receiving, the more excited we are about who we are. We want to be more “present” in the moments of our life so that we can to consciously be our self. When we are present, we become aware of the fullness of our soul (where the good stuff is prepared on a daily basis), and we find we are able to truly connect with others.

When we are prepared to receive those things God has prepared for us, we live with a feeling of joy, as if we already have those good things in hand. We feel our freedom to live the life of our dreams without struggle or sacrifice. We all arrived in human form with a dream in mind, and even if we’ve momentarily forgotten that dream, it hasn’t forgotten us. It calls to us from our soul. We can ignore the call, but such ignorance often causes us discomfort. Napoleon Hill referred to our dreams as “the children of your soul,” and we all know how children behave when they’re ignored!

Even though it appears that we’re made of the clay of the earth, the greater part of us is non-physical, vibrational energy. As spiritual beings having a human experience, we simply needed a disguise! Who we truly are is forever drawn in the blueprints of Creation. It is a Divine Design written on our heart by Universal Love.

In the Book of Jeremiah we read: “I have loved you with an everlasting love: therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn you.” We are created to create the good, the beautiful, and the joyful in our life by reenacting that lovingkindness. But it takes courage to offer lovingkindness where so much unkindness appears to be. It takes courage to offer love where so many unloving acts and so much unloveliness appear to be. It takes courage to offer peace where so much conflict, anger, and differences appear to be. But unless we do, we won’t bring forth those things that have been prepared for us on the inside into our life on the outside. We all want to see, touch, hear, taste, and smell the beautiful manifestations all around us that have come from the beauty of the soul within us.

We are created to play together like children and co-create together like powerful creators. But so often the only game we’re willing to play with each other is “hide-and-seek.” When we believe there is something about us that isn’t good enough for the game of “show-and-tell,” we try to hide whatever it is so we won’t show what we don’t want to tell. Even when others seem to like us, and want to play with us, we tell our self that it’s only because we’ve got them fooled. We’ve buried our unworthy traits deep enough within us that they don’t leak out all that often much while we’re with others. But even though we may not spring a leak in public, our unloving thoughts about our self flood our mind when we’re alone, and cause waves of negative self-talk. We can run from the world, but we can’t hide from our self. The vibration of the negative self-concepts we try to hide repel the very things we desire to experience.

We must decide to be courageous enough to adore our self, just as we are. To adore means to regard with the utmost esteem, love and respect. A good question to ask our self might be: “Do I value the gift I am to life? Or do I apologize for myself instead? Is my mantra, “sorry-sorry,” every time I do something others don’t approve of?”

We have been taught by the world that it is the world that needs to adore us and approve of us. In order to be liked by the world we need to be like the world. We need to fit in by being like those who seem to fit in. We need to be like those who not only appear to hold power and authority in the world, but to have some sort of power and authority over our life, and to be able to limit our happiness and success if we aren’t pleasing enough.

The world claims to know who we should be, how we should be, and what we should want to achieve if we want to be accepted by the world. So we compare how we’re doing as a being with those around us who seem to be doing well. In a world of duality we’re often pulled to do this or that, and we do it even when doing this or that doesn’t feel good to do. We ignore the children of our soul and try to give birth to things the world might find more pleasing.

But the world isn’t looking at the blueprint of our soul and doesn’t have clue what God has prepared for us. When we look to the world to find out who we should be, we’re trying to fit a blueprint that isn’t made for us. To feel at odds with such a world is a good thing because we weren’t created by the world. We were made by the Divine Design of God, and not one of us entered this world without the blueprints written on our soul.

There is something in our hearts that knows there is more to know and more to do. In The Art of Abundance we read, “It beckons us to come closer and see what we haven’t seen before, to experience an expanded dimension of life, and to find meaning and purpose in being alive.”

There is no relationship of greater importance to us than the relationship between our self, in this physical body right here ad now, and the Soul, Source, God in us. There is a Holy Presence that speaks to us through our intuition and guides us every moment through the vibration of our feelings. If we’re not feeling good about our self, we’re not listening to the God in us, because God adores us already.

We are created to be the shepherd of our individual life, not the sheep of the world. It is absolutely imperative that we come to a place of positive vibration by adoring our self, and regarding our dreams with the utmost esteem, love and respect. Because God knows we can’t live a healthy, happy, abundantly good life without a willingness to give birth to the children of our soul.