Deepak Chopra wrote, “In the light of trust, as it develops slowly over time, you will find that you are a privileged child of the universe, entirely safe, entirely supported, entirely loved.” In a month like October that includes ghosts, goblins and things that go bump in the night, in a year such as this one that has often felt more frightening than any Halloween night,  and in these seemingly uncertain times where so many of us may feel unsafe, unsupported and unloved, developing trust in the Universe is a very good thing. In fact, trust is vital for our health, happiness, well being, and peace of mind.

Now some of us may trust that God has a plan for us and the rest of humanity, but that it’s either an afterlife plan waiting for us beyond “the pearly gates” if we can just sacrifice enough here to get in, or that it’s such a long-term Earth plan (because we, humans, don’t seem to be interested in doing things any differently) that we may not live long enough to see the Divine plan manifest—to actually experience in our lifetime a world living together in peace, love, safety, health, and abundant good for all. The good news is that the Power of Trust we’re focusing on allows all the good we desire for our self and the world to manifest here and now, while we’re still here to enjoy it!

In A Course in Miracles Manual for Teachers, we read, “The teachers of God have trust in the world because they have learned it is not governed by the laws the world made up. It is governed by a power that is in them but not of them. It is this power that keeps all things safe.” The Power we’re focusing on as we talk about the Power of Trust is the Power that keeps all thing safe: The Power of God’s Love within us. We are so loved that we’ve been given power by Love, Itself, to create for our self forms of Love and expressions of Love from within us that can manifest as a world of Love around us. The Trust we’re focusing on as we talk about the Power of Trust is our trust in the Intrinsic Goodness of the Universe of God’s Creation, the very Universe in which we live right now despite any appearance that seems to contradict that Goodness. And, we’re talking about our trust that no matter what we’ve thought, said or done that seems contrary to Goodness, that Goodness lives in us still and is there to guide us whenever we choose to trust It.

Still, because we rely so heavily on what we can see physically, and trust and faith require our believing something or believing in something that we can’t see, hear, taste, smell, or touch yet, we may be wondering how we can be expected to trust the Universe, or even slowly develop trust over time, when so many things these days almost everywhere we look seem to be going in the opposite direction of what we want to see and experience in this Earth life. We might even be thinking “This isn’t why I came!” But, then again, maybe it is because there is nothing like vivid contrast between what we want to see and experience, and what we see and experience we don’t want, to encourage us to learn to trust in more than what we can experience with our five senses. Oscar Wilde wrote, “All good experiences have come from trusting the universe. There is no other way to live or love. Otherwise you create your own prison.” We create our own prison with thoughts, words, conversations, and actions that are dominated by what we don’t want and why we don’t want it, and why we’re not happy that whatever is going on is going on! We’re so used to not seeing what we want—not because we can’t have it but because we’re not looking in the direction it’s coming from—that we’ve stopped asking for what we want in life and settled for complaining about life. We settle for such a small, lackluster version of our self and life when we’re created to extend and expand a Universe of limitless possibilities!

We’ve forgotten our life, in all its ways, arises from within us, and that within us is a realm of unlimited power and potential no matter what may be going on along our life path in any moment. In the Book of Hebrews we read, “Things that are seen came into being out of those things which are unseen.” We’ve forgotten that our thoughts and feelings are the unseen substance out of which our life comes into manifestation. We may be a little rusty when it comes to faith and trust in those things which are unseen because we’ve been relying so much on what we can see physically and “the laws the world made up.” We’ve been focusing so long on what’s already in front of us we’ve come to believe that it’s all there for us to experience in this life. We look at our body, relationships, and everything else around us, and then focus so often on what we don’t want, e.g., illness, conflict or lack, that we forget our life is governed by the Power of the Love of God for us that is within us and ready to give us whatever we want.

We live in a cooperative Universe that always delivers. All we have to do is ask and it will be given to us. But, we have to let it in, and we won’t if we don’t trust in the Goodness of Life and who we are in It. We resist our good with a belief in own unworthiness and our stubborn view of what is possible (or not possible) for us and the world around us. The poet, Rumi, wrote, “Do you know what you are? You are a manuscript of a Divine Love letter. You are a mirror reflecting a noble face. This universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself. Everything that you want, you are already that.” We’d have no problem trusting that the Universe has our back 24/7 if we had faith that our safety, support, health, and well being are already ours. The Universe always answers “yes” when we ask for whatever we ask for, but we have to anticipate that “yes,” and expect to receive what we’ve asked for. The Universe always supports us in all we desire to be, do and have. We just have to let go and stop resisting being, doing and having it!

We read in The Science of Mind, “A marvelous sense steals over the one who waits on Good, and in patience bides his time. A feeling of some Unseen Presence silently creeps over the waiting thought. Though you cannot trace it, you must trust it.” Still, so often we want to trace it before we trust it! We want definitive proof before our eyes. “I’ll believe it when I see it” is such a human mantra that we’re used to looking for physical evidence of what to believe before we believe it! In 1989 Wayne Dyer wrote a wonderful book titled, “You’ll See It When You Believe It.” Over 2,000 years ago, Jesus said basically the same thing, “It is done unto you as you believe.” We’ll see it done when we believe it will be done “unto” us. In other words, we learn to trust the Universe by trusting the Universe! So often we’re afraid to dream because we don’t trust that our dreams will come true. We’re afraid to ask because we don’t want to be disappointed if we don’t get what we want—better health, happier relationships, increased financial freedom, or inspiration when we feel stuck in some situation. We let past disappointments cause us to resist our Present Good.

We can only develop trust that the Universe will give us what we want by finding the feeling of trust first, by letting our self feel what it would feel like to have whatever it is we want. Whatever it is we want, we want it for the feeling it will bring. What does good health feel like, ease and happiness? What does a loving relationship feel like, intimacy and contentment? What does financial abundance feel like, freedom and peace of mind? What does inspiration feel like, excitement and enthusiasm for life? We increase our trust by letting that good feeling grow within us before it physically manifests. It grows as we feel the reality of the inner evidence of it, like a baby moving in our womb, and we abide in patient trust in the unseen out of which everything is made. Trust opens us to receiving the wanted in our life because we’re looking in the direction it is coming from.

We read in The Science of Mind, “My confidence in The All Good is complete. My faith in the Power of Spirit is supreme. I have no doubts or uncertainties. I know my Good is at hand and I realize that no fear can hinder that Good from making Its appearance in my life and affairs. I know that my Life and Good are complete.” The Universe always has something very, very good up Its Holy Sleeve. It gathers all the unseen cooperative components together just for us. We just have be a cooperative component in our own desires by celebrating the Good even before we see it, and then looking for it with trust that It’s there.