Most of us would not think of actually doing intentional harm to another, but how gentle and kind are we to our self? How often do get angry and upset with our self, and want to kick our self for something we said or did? How often have we felt stupid and disappointed with our self when we have misunderstood something and acted on that misunderstanding? Our lack of gentleness with our self comes from the fearful belief that we have done permanent harm to someone else, or that we have been permanently harmed.

Everyone at some time in their life wishes that they could re-enact a decision and change the outcome. But retracing yesterday’s illustrations can’t change the past,  it can only affect what we teach our self and others about life today. As long as we believe we can harm or be harmed “permanently,” that idea will remain as a self-portrait on our chalkboard of life, and feelings guilt, shame, anger, and blame will re-enforce that image until we offer forgiveness to self and others. Do we believe what we have drawn so far has been drawn with permanent ink that can’t be erased if we want to illustrate a new way of living life—a new way of being our self and seeing the world?

We have all made mistakes but not one of them has been recorded in the Book of Love. If Love keeps no record of wrongs, and holds nothing against us or anyone else, why would we choose to keep a running tally of our mistakes, or the unkindnesses of others that we have allowed to make us feel bad about self (and them)? Only the ego believes it knows more about what life is for, and what to do with issues of “right and wrong,” than the God of Creation; and God is Love.

Are you ready to stop beating yourself up and offer yourself the gentleness that only a Teacher of God can give? Are you ready to stop teaching from an outdated, obsolete book of fear filled with miscalculations, errors in judgment, and unlovely images of yourself and others, and teach from the Book of Love? Are you ready to give spirituality a place of power in your mind, and make it front and center in your life by practicing your ability to change your thinking in any moment (or about any moment) and change your experience of that moment?

We already live in a Perfect Universe that only needs to be mentally seen, heart-fully felt, and spiritually experienced before It can become the curriculum from which we teach through our everyday self-expression. By choosing to practice spirituality as a way of being in the world (rather than capitulating to the world), we discover the powerful being we have been created to be in this world, and the qualities of a Teacher of God become our own.

We discover we are absolutely free to choose who we will be this day, no matter who we chose to be yesterday. We discover we are free to decide how we will respond to whatever comes along in any moment, no matter how we chose react to what came along before. It is as if there is a Cosmic Eraser that sweeps across every moment giving us a fresh slate upon which to illustrate something new. No matter how big we believe our mistakes have been, the Cosmic Eraser is bigger! There is only one thing that can clean up our act, and our heart, and that is the Cosmic Eraser of Love. For Love keeps no record of wrongs.