Image by Karin Henseler from Pixabay

The year 2022 is up to you, just as every day of your life in years gone by has been up to you, and the creative ability and responsibility of your Divinity will go right into 2023…if you do! This year will unfold in sameness or newness, in continued conflict and confusion or newly discovered well-being and harmony, and it will arise out of choices you and make as we live it. We’ll experience what we’re creating in the present moment as we go along. Even if you don’t believe that’s true, how you experience 2022 will still be up to you. Abraham-Hicks tells us, “You are so free you can choose bondage. You are so free that you can choose not to feel free. That’s freedom!”

We are so free in our Divinity that we can deny the power of our thoughts, words and actions, and live as if it doesn’t matter what we think or do. We can decide to sit back mentally and just see what happens this year without our conscious participation in the direction our thoughts are taking our life. We can cheer when things go our way and call it “good luck,” and we can complain when they don’t and call it “bad luck.” That is a way to live in this world. But it’s not the most powerful way we can live as a Divine being with freedom to create good things, happy things, beautiful things, and uplifting things while we’re here.

If we’d like to improve the days of our life so that we laugh more, love more, and feel fulfilled and peaceful more often, it’s up to us to make a conscious decision to take ownership of our human experience, to become aware of our thinking and how we’re feeling in the moments we’re thinking and feeling whatever it is, and to know that it matters. In this way we can use our inseparable connection with the Law of Attraction, that creative Power of the Universe that responds to the vibration of our thoughts, to attract with our good feeling thoughts, the people, activities and experiences we’ll enjoy this year, no matter what the world is doing. We’ll stop bracing our self for what fearful thing might happen next, and embrace each moment with the awareness we are free to choose how we want to feel in that moment and how we want to respond within it.

Maya Angelou said, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” We’ve all done the best we could do since we arrived in this human environment, no matter what it was we did. The thought “I could have done better” is one that can only occur in retrospect within a mind that knows better now. We proceeded to live our life based on what we learned from the voices of authority around us, and because we believed what we were told about our self and life, our life seemed to validate that what we were told was true. We didn’t know (back then) that we experience life as we believe it to be.

If we’re not feeling good about who we are yet, it’s because we haven’t unlearned our limitations yet and discovered our Divine Power. We’ve always had the power to deliberately direct our life in positive ways, we just need to know that we can choose our life direction and go where we want to go. All our life, despite the encouragement or discouragement of those around us, we’ve been the only one responsible for what we see in our self and the world around us. We just need to know that our view of life is determined by us and no one can change it but us. It’s up to us to decide if now is the time for us to know better so we can do better.

No matter what our chronological age, it’s not too late for us to become a Master of our life. No matter what our current health condition may be or what physical situation we may be in, the power of choice still belongs to us and there is still time for us to choose to take time to get to know who we truly are so that we can live in joy and freedom from now on. Deep within us we must know that is true or we wouldn’t be seeking to discover more about the Divine Power within us so that we can do better and live in a world that gets better and better to live in. Good for us that no matter what road we’ve traveled, and no matter how bumpy our journey may still be, we want to take charge of our life now. And, as we do, it’s important for us to remind our self that the world we live in can only become better and better for us to live in as we change our thoughts, words and actions in positive ways.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said, “Discover who you are. With that, your charm becomes eternal, your love becomes unconditional, and great strength arises.” When we deliberately choose Divine Power over our human impulses, when we focus our mind on the good we want to experience, despite what may be going on the world in any moment, we do better in life. Life doesn’t happen to us from outside of us, it happens within the vibrational possibilities of our mind wherever we are focusing. We do better in our life when we focus on what we want instead of what we don’t want because we’re able to feel it coming even before we see it manifest. We do better when we know better than to try to control the world around us or blame anything outside of us for our experiences. We do better when we know that to blame and complain is to give up our Divine Power to deliberately choose and to hand our freedom over to the fickle finger of fate.

It takes courage to take a stand for the better we know, especially when those we know may not agree with how we live our life and point out the things they believe we should be focusing on. But unless we discover our Divine Daring, we’ll miss out on the purpose of this human experience, with all its contrasts that allow us to make choices that prove to us that we have Power over our mind. Dr. Martin Luther King found his Divine Daring and lived it. He proved the power of his Divinity through the force of his humanity. He demonstrated that responses to life don’t need to be mindless reactions, but can be conscious decisions we make. He said, “I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.”

Though Dr. King was a Baptist minister, his words and actions reflected spirituality rather than religion. He knew that Love is a spiritual gift belonging to anyone who chooses It. A hero’s heart bypasses the mind of judgement, and rules of right and wrong, and allows Love to flow freely outward from the center of the heart into the world in all directions without conditions. We’re all born with a hero’s heart, but so often we allow fear within the mind to cover it. If we want to live in harmony of life, it’s time for us to rediscover our hero’s heart. Love is a choice that we can make in any moment, no matter what may happening in that moment, because Love is what we are. A hero never stops to ask, “What’s in it for me” before acting courageously. A hero lets Love be the reason for every action.

There can never be an “unsung” hero. Love knows where It flows, and It flows through a hero’s heart accompanied by the joyous vibration of a choir of angels. Marcos Gualberto wrote, “There is no happiness as long as the sense of separativity is present, me and the world, myself and the other.” We are all born into this world with a Love that is intended to bring us together in happy co-creation, cooperation and peace, a Love in which there is no sense of you and me separately.

We are so free we can decide not to feel our unity and choose the bondage of living separately. But, we read in A Course of Love, “Make a new choice! The choice that your heart yearns to make for you and that your mind is finding increasingly difficult to deny. When you choose unity over separation, you choose reality over illusion. You end opposition by choosing harmony. You end conflict by choosing peace.” Our heart knows that conflict, war, and control of anyone anywhere will never bring peace on earth. It knows peace comes with our awareness we are One Life Together.

If we let it, our heart will inspire our mind to perceive life as one universal creation, and to speak to each other and of each other, as one holy family of Love. Martin Luther King said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” Peace on earth is up to you and me. We are so free that we can choose to Love unconditionally.