The weird, but wonderful life cycle of the Monarch butterfly offers us a wonderful “ego lesson.” When the caterpillar breaks out of its egg, the first thing it does is turn around and eat its egg. It’s apparently not going back, at least not the way it came! Then the caterpillar eats all the leaves in sight in order to have enough energy for the long journey ahead. It eats and eats and eats until its one hundred times bigger than when it came. When it’s ready it pushes against its outer skin by wiggling its inner body underneath until the outer skin splits. Then the caterpillar sheds that skin and actually digests that part of its former self while building up its inner new self. The goal of the caterpillar isn’t to live its life as fat caterpillar, but to get what it needs from its outer environment to prepare itself for a whole new experience of itself in the world.

Its journey from earthbound caterpillar to free-flowing butterfly seems a lot like our own journey from a sense of our self as an earthbound ego to experiencing our self as a free-flowing spiritual being. The ego is sometimes referred to as “the hungry ghost” because it believes it can live a life that is separate from the Inner Spirit, the Source Energy, and the Vibration of Love that fills the Universe with life. And so it tries to fill itself up with life from the outside in.

But because there is no true substance or reality to the ego, just a flimsy disguise created by a flimsier belief in separation, it can’t be filled with anything or fulfilled by anything, and so it remains empty and ravenous. There is never going to be enough food to sate its hunger no matter how much it eats. There’s never going be enough money to fill it with security, never enough walls to fill it with safety, never enough love to fill it with fearless loving, and never enough possessions to fill it with happiness. The ego is a hungry, fearful earthbound illusion. And, there’s no disguise scarier, on Halloween or any other time, than us in ego’s clothing.

Only our Inner Being can feel the fullness of being alive, or be fulfilled by living. As spiritual beings we are created to fly like a beautiful butterfly sated by the nectar provided by the Spirit or Source Energy within us. Our freedom to soar, however, comes not by denying our ego experiences but by “digesting” them—by embracing and taking in all we’ve experienced while wearing its flimsy disguise. Only then does our human life become food for our soul and fuel us on our journey here and now. It is only as we “devour” all the lessons of our human experience— fully absorb every part of our self and every disguise we’ve ever worn—that everything in our life becomes fuel to send us soaring into the high vibrations of existence where we are able to feel our power to create all we desire to experience while we’re here.

It only takes a couple of days for the Monarch butterfly to be ready to stretch its new wings and become the beautiful butterfly its whole life has prepared it be. Your inner butterfly is ready when you are to stretch its wings—to no longer be grounded by the craziness of this world,  and to no longer be held captive in the cocoon of illusion with its spiritual beauty hidden away. Are you ready to awaken to the graceful, colorful being you’re created to be? Are you ready to flow freely in this world without care? Are you ready to fly high on the vibrations joy, peace, love and abundant good that have always been within you, and that your whole life has prepared you to experience? If so, come soar with us at The Life Enrichment Center Sundays at 11AM.