Joy seems the perfect spiritual quality to focus on and express as we complete the Advent Season and move through the Christmas Holidays. After all, ’tis the season to be jolly!

Einstein is said to have said, “There are only two ways to live your life: as though nothing is a miracle or as though everything is a miracle.” We could say the same thing about Joy: There are only two ways to live our life: as though nothing is Joy or as though everything is Joy.

Joy, when we allow It to come alive in us, lifts our view of Life to a place where all good things not only seem possible, but likely. Joy lifts us to the awareness that Life is for us and there’s no need to struggle through our days.

When we were children it was easy to be happy just being alive. We found joy and satisfaction in the simplest things. Maybe we’d sit under a tree and feel happy and satisfied feeling sun warm our body. Maybe we’d pull up a blade of grass and make a whistle out of it, and feel happier still. Remember the joy of putting your feet in the ocean, a lake, or a stream, or rolling snow into a ball that turned into a game or a snowman?

We felt happy as children because we brought our Inner Joy with us wherever we were and simply looked for ways to express It. It wasn’t until the pressures of the world began to demand something other than Joy from us that Joy began to lose its familiarity—When others seemed to call us away from our happiness with the spoken (or unspoken) demand “if you’re going to have my approval and esteem you need to perform in this way and behave in that way. Whether this way and that way feels like joy to you or not, it makes me happy!”

We were lured little-by-little, person-by-person, experience-by-experience away from our natural Joy. And, so today we may wonder why it is that often no matter what we’re doing, the Joy of doing it seems to be missing in action.

Joy is natural to us. That is why when we don’t feel Joy within us, we don’t feel alive and excited about Life. We may go through the motions of being alive just fine. But fine isn’t the same as fantastic, just as bland isn’t the same as breathtaking. We’re created to express the multi-dimensional colors of the rainbow, not 50 shades of gray

Joy is the Key to our discovering the awesome being we are created to be. When we’re feeling Joy we’re happy being our self in Life wherever are, even if we’re home alone. What does it mean to do anything if there is no joy and heart satisfaction in the doing of it?

Ever known someone so pessimistic they stopped expecting to be happy? They seemed to struggle with one health issue after another, one financial burden after another, and no matter what the situation they never failed to get bad service, bad advice, and a bad outcome. On the outside they may have looked painfully unlucky. But on the inside the unhappy vibration of their thoughts were simply activating the Law Attraction to do Its job, i.e., to match the low energy they were emitting with the forms, expressions and experiences that coincide with living as though nothing is Joy.

When we live focused on what’s missing in our life, when we can’t seem to find Joy so we don’t expect to feel it, feeling down about life can be such a habit we don’t even notice the low vibrations we’re emitting. If all we think about and talk about are life’s struggles (as if there’s nothing more to think about or talk about), we’re not much fun be around. Others may feel our pain, but they’d rather feel it from afar!

If we were to ask two different people—one who lives as though everything is a struggle, and one who lives as though everything is Joy—how their day has been. Even if those two people had done exactly the same outer activities all day long, their description of their day would be completely different because their perceptions of life were completely different. However we believe life to be, sure enough that’s the way it is.

Unhappiness is unhealthy. When we live as though nothing is Joy (yet), over time the chronic stress caused by joylessness causes the brain to release high levels of the stress hormone,“cortisol,” that takes a toll on the body. Living without Joy can (over time) cause severe fatigue, muscle weakness, depression, anxiety, irritability, loss of emotional control, cognitive difficulties, new (or worsened) high blood pressure, and bone loss leading to fractures. All those things we’ve been attributing to getting older actually have to do with how much Joy we’ve allowed our self to experience and express over time.

Joy is good for us in every way. We’ve all heard stories about people who’ve laughed their way to health, but how often have we heard of someone who’s complained their way to health? Joy causes the brain to release ‘feel good’ hormones—endorphins, serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine. Our physical body is a walking, talking happy machine, and the only side effect is more Joy!

We all know people whose lives seem full of Joy—their health is good, their work life is good, their love life is good. They don’t seem bothered by personal stuff, and they don’t spend time judging those around them. They are happily engaged in living life with confidence that everything they want is on its way. They emit something we want to be around.

There are those who would consider such people the “lucky ones.” But luck has nothing to do with it. They are the “high vibrational ones” who simply attract into their life the forms, expressions and experiences of life that match their good mood and joyous attitude about life. 

When we live as though everything is Joy, the Joy in our heart causes us be kind and compassionate without exception because Joy is a feeling that dances out us without judgment or effort. It doesn’t care who’s watching the dance because Joy inspires us to want everyone to join us on the dance floor.

It’s not too late to reverse the aging process of joylessness by claiming the Joy that is natural to us. We have the freedom and power to feel better instantly by choosing something happy to focus on that will create a better experience of life now and in the future.

Joy causes us to be filled with passion and enthusiasm. We’re interested in, and focused on, the good things in life. We feel the wonder, surprise, satisfaction, and appreciation that comes with being fully alive.

Whenever we’ve felt pure Joy within us, no matter how long It lasted, we were experiencing a moment of open-mindedness, a holy instant of Christ Consciousness in which there was no judgment and no contradicting emotion going on within us. It felt good. It felt natural. It felt like who we are!

In The Way of Mastery, Part 1, The Way of the Heart, we read, “Beloved friends, your life, your life, is your way home. If you do not live it fully, how can you ever arrive home? Therefore, fear not your greatness. Fear not the power that comes from embracing your life and claiming its value. Live it full out with every bit of passion you can muster! Embrace every second of it! Every time you wash your dish and your cup after breakfast, look upon these things and say: My God! This is my life! This is my pathway home! And I am going to live it!” Let us choose to live our life in the Light of Joy so that we can find our way home.