If you’ve been following along throughout our July focus on the Power of Independence, then you know we are exploring what it means to be a Singular Individualized Representation of the Divine Creation of God. In other words, we are focusing on just how amazing we are as living beings within an amazing, unlimited Universe that is always for us. In The Way of Knowing we read, “Therefore understand that you are an extraordinary being. You, right where you are, are given opportunities moment-to-moment to be the truth of who you are, and therefore be the Light that lights the world.”

We are each a Ray of Holy Light coming forth (even now) from the Word of God that started everything in The Beginning, “Let there be Light.” And with those words, Here We Are! As Rays of Light extending from the same Light Source there is nothing we cannot be, do, see, express, or experience together. And, yet, as Individualized Expressions of the One Creation, that Original Light is individualized in our soul. We are each here to express the One Creation in our own unique one-of-a-kind way. We are free-floating Sparks of Divinity on earth, in charge of our own self-expression and life experiences. The beauty of Life is that we all have a different view of the same Life we share. The Way of Transformation tells us, “That light of your soul, pure Spirit, remains undefiled and unlimited. That tiny ray can become aware of the whole and that is the process of awakening.” We are here in this human experience to discover, individually, more and more of what we are created to be together. We are here to awaken to the beauty and harmony of the Whole of Creation.

The Power of Independence isn’t about being separate from Life. It’s about just the opposite. It is our independence from the influence or assertion of others so that we are free to see All of Life from our own perspective, and create something unique and beautiful just by being our self. Through our powerful Freedom, we can choose or refuse to be confined to a physical view, to be influenced by the opinions of others, and to let the conditions of the world define who we are and how we’ll live our life. However, if we choose to see life as we desire it be, rather than fixating on the way it appears to be or how others say it is, and if we make Joy our quest and feeling good what matters most to us, we will likely appear selfish and unrealistic to those who haven’t yet embraced their own Divine Permission to fully and freely express their individuality and become more and more of the Joyous Being they are created to be.

It is essential for us to understand what it means to be an Individualized Expression of the Whole of Life, an Individualized Soul, an “I” that is “We.” Though we seem separate from the world we see, we are individually the world we see. Otherwise it would do no good for us to Be the change we want to see in the world. Abraham-Hicks put it this way, “You are not here to bring light into the world. You are here to BE LIGHT. There is a difference.” Our Inner Being isn’t just a bigger version of our physical self that remains separate from everything else even in the spiritual-vibrational realm. We are spiritually-vibrationally one with everything and everyone. There is no separation in oneness even when we’re sheltered at home! We are so much more than these physical bodies we see, yet we make such a big deal out of them. We judge our self and others based on bodily appearance, and we fearfully protect our body from other bodies as if that’s all there is to us or anyone else.

No matter how “only human” we think, speak and act most of the time, we remain extraordinary beings. When we stand six feet apart, there is a livingness, an energy, a vibration in that space that is the Love of God, the Purity of Spirit, the Perfection of a Unity that joins us forever together as One Life. If that weren’t true then we couldn’t send love, or prayers, or healing energy to anyone. It’s not like we put it in an envelope and send it through the mail! We send it through the Energy and Vibration our Inner Being shares with every Inner Being. It is the Inner Life we are together that causes our outer world to appear to be at all. But we must Be the Love we send out or else we have nothing to send. We must see the answer to a prayer within us or else we have no effective prayer to give. And, we must feel healed within our self ,in that moment we send healing energy to another, or else what we send out isn’t healing.

Through the Power of Independence we are free to be, or not to be, the Love that we are. Even in our most difficult moments in these strange times everything that is good, true and beautiful is still there for us, within us and around us. The only thing that keeps us from seeing such a self within us and such a world around us is that we decide against that view. We focus on something else—a self that is unworthy, a world that is unhealthy. We argue for the stability of our individual limitations, the limitations of others, and the limitations of the world.

These days the world seems heavier than usual, more dense with fearful energies of powerlessness and more burdened with worry, anger, resentment, and revenge. Friar Andre Maria recently said, “The worldwide awakening continues, hyper-drive version.” We are each in the process of awakening individually “hyper-drive version.” Right now is an extraordinary opportunity for us to awaken by taking a stand for the Truth of who we and Being the Light that lights world. Because if we’re not letting our soul light light up our mind and inspire our actions, and if we’re not bringing lightness to our way of being in the world, the world will appear to have the power to put our lights out. We can decide to feel good no matter how bad things seem to be. We can choose to feel light no matter how heavy the vibes of this world may feel. The tiny ray of awareness we call our “self” can affect the whole world because we are always sending out light emissions into the spiritual-vibrational oneness we share.

We feel the energy of one another. For instance, ever walk into a room where the energy felt heavy as if there had been an argument or negative conversation right before you entered? And, maybe even though, before you walked in, you were feeling pretty good, kind of happy and carefree, you felt your inner vibration start to go down to join the heavy energy? Sometimes we join in the low vibrations of those around us because we want to show we care. Sometimes it’s because we feel awkward in our “up-ness” and want to fit in with those around us. But, most often we simply let our energy sink because we don’t make a choice not to.

We can’t help the world by going to war with it, no matter what side we’re fighting on. We can’t be angry enough to right a wrong that won’t perpetuate another wrong to make right. We can never be down enough to uplift anyone or make another person happy. All we do is lower our vibration, which isn’t helpful to anyone, especially our self. Ever have a feeling you couldn’t seem shake that something bad was going happen? When we’re feeling down, when we’re commiserating with those around us who are emitting a vibration of hopeless resignation, the thoughts that come to our mind are generated by that low vibration. Nothing good comes to mind from a mental-emotional atmosphere of negativity. When our mind is dark with fear and doubt, we keep the light out. We can’t see the good, true and beautiful even though it’s there.

Good thoughts ride on waves of a high vibration that flow in the lightness of our Being. That is where inspired action originates. That’s why the greatest gift we can give to one another is our own happiness and lightness of being. When we become aware of the Joyous Being we are created to be, when feeling good matters most to us, we become the Light in a world dark with sickness and sorrow. We become Lightness in a world that would otherwise remain heavy and burdened by a belief in separation, and thoughts, words and actions of conflict and division. When our “tiny ray” becomes aware of its oneness with all rays and God as the Source of our collective Light, we recognize the Light of Christ in everyone we see.