Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Mooji wrote, “Say thank you to your inmost being. Even if you cannot see at the moment what to say thank you for, keep on saying thank you. It will change the vibration inside and make you light and open and full of love, forgiveness and joy.” The words, “thank you,” are two of the most powerful words we can say when they come from our heart. Perhaps that’s why we say, “Thank you from the bottom of my heart,” even though there isn’t really a bottom to our heart. It’s bottomless and there is no limit to the love, forgiveness and joy it can feel.

There is life-changing power in our saying “thank you” to Life for our life, in our saying “thank you” to Existence for our existence. Creative power comes to us when we are grateful we’re alive and feel it “from the bottom of our heart.” When we’re grateful for the Life within us that causes us to be aware we’re alive, when we appreciate the gift of this human experience even when we can’t see in a particular moment what to be thankful for, it changes our perception of that moment and we discover there is always something there to appreciate.

When we start right where we are, feeling grateful for what we have, the high vibration of inner appreciation brings into our awareness and experience more and more to be grateful for. Gratitude feeds our joy. The more grateful we feel each day, the more joyful we feel each day, and the more joyful we feel each day, the more grateful we are to be alive. Unlike the physical body that we can (and often do) overfeed, Joy can’t be overstuffed or overfed. It expands exponentially with every silent and spoken feeling of gratitude we feed it. Since Joy is a quality of Spirit, It is Infinite, and so our joy has the potential to expand forever without our ever feeling overly full!

Everything in this world is a gift to awaken us to who we truly are, and none of us wants to sleep through that! But looking at everything as a gift for which to be grateful isn’t always easy, especially when something seems uninvited and unwanted. But if we choose to be grateful for it all anyway, gratitude will transform our experiences of life into experiences we love to live. It’s been said that the heart that gives thanks is a happy one, for we cannot feel thankful and unhappy at the same time. We may be able to multi-task, but we can’t experience opposite feelings at the same time. In every moment we get to pick which end of the stick we’ll focus on, and we get to experience how our focus makes us feel.

A heart that gives thanks looks at all life with gratitude, and appreciates the view without needing to fix whatever it sees.The only thing that can keep us from feeling thankful and grateful and living with a happy heart, is our decision to let things we don’t like and want to wish-away hold our attention long enough to cause us to feel unhappy. Abraham-Hicks tells us, “Don’t try to fix things that feel broken. Just focus upon things that give you lightheartedness and joy and ease until you make that your vibrational lifestyle, and see what happens to every relationship in your life experience.”

Whether it’s our relationship with our self or someone else, with money, or with anything else we have a relationship with, which is everything since we exist in relationship with All-That-Is, focusing on things that give us lightheartedness, joy and ease will change the vibration inside, and cause all we perceive to be outside of us to change before eyes. When our inner experience is happy, we laugh more, especially at our self, instead of taking our self and this life so seriously. RuPaul said, “Don’t take life too seriously and have fun. Don’t waste your time on things that your ego will try to convince you are important.” When we’re not taking our self so seriously, it’s easier for us not to be so hard on others. Compassion is born of non-judgment. When we’re not trying to fix anything that feels broken around us, whatever it is seems to fix itself. Imagine a lifestyle that reflects that much joy, fun and ease. And, the thing is, we do need to be able to imagine it for our self so that our inner vibration joins, without resistance, to an awareness of the Pure Energy of Love that is constantly creating a Life for us to enjoy.

Some of us were taught early in our religious upbringing that God was a little like Santa Claus. He made a list of who’s been naughty or nice. But, unlike Santa Clause, God didn’t need to check it twice because He’s All-Knowing and knows what you’re doing all time. His list isn’t seasonal, it’s eternal, written in indelible ink that lasts forever. Even if we can’t remember precisely what we did each moment as we were growing up, if we were told a lot that we were naughty (and we better watch out!), then it’s possible that even today we have a list of naughties in our mind that far outweighs our nices. And, we’re sure that God holds the original of that list!

A belief in eternal sin, or at least unforgivable mistakes, keeps us from feeling light and open and full of love, forgiveness and joy. When we feel unworthy, even if we can’t pinpoint why we do, it’s easy for us to believe we’re not going to get what we want in life (for Christmas or any other time); that our prayers won’t be answered and our desires won’t be met. We’re not surprised when our heart feels heavy and we experience more struggle, pain and suffering in our life than we do joy and ease. If any of this sounds even a bit familiar, you’ll be happy to know it is written in the Book of 1 Corinthians, “Love keeps no record of wrongs.”

If Love keeps no record of wrongs, then a Divine Naughty List does not Exist! We’re off the hook, and so is everyone else whether we like it or not—no matter who, no matter what. God is Love, and Love holds only loving thoughts about all of Creation. Only God’s thoughts are real and eternal. Nothing has changed in the Mind of God since the beginning when He saw all He’d made (including you) and beheld it all as very, very good. Gratitude allows us to experience the very, very good as our Self. We’ve always been loved, and worthy of Love, no matter what we’ve done. We could say all of it went “In One Holy Ear and out the Other.” We were forgiven before we asked. We were forgiven even if we didn’t ask.

If there’s a list that exists, we wrote it our self. We are the only one that keeps a record of wrongs done to us and by us, and that list keeps us from being grateful for our life now. “I’d be grateful if” I’d done things differently in the past. “I’d be grateful if” the behavior of others didn’t hurt me or make me frustrated and angry. But if it isn’t the nature of Love to keep a record of wrongs, then it isn’t our true nature either. We read in A Course in Miracles, “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.” Our soul is immersed in the peace of God where it is eternally safe from all worldly happenings. We find Inner Peace by loving the Life that is real in us, the Love that exists as us that can’t be threatened.

There isn’t a list of requirements for us to meet before we are spiritual enough or good enough to be loved by Love. We are the very expressions of Love in individual form. Love is what we are, and as we feel grateful for that Truth, and say “thank you” to our Inner Being, gratitude changes the vibration inside us and heals the negative perceptions of our self that cause us to perceive others as we do. Krishnamurti wrote, “Forget all you know about yourself; forget all you have ever thought about yourself; start as if you know nothing.”

Within us, and all around us, is a Universe created by Love. We are in relationship with All-That-Is within It. As we allow lightheartedness, joy and ease become our vibrational lifestyle, every relationship in our life experience changes and improves. We were created for the joy of living in a Universe that always has our back and conspires in every moment to bring about our good.
We might as well stop resisting the amazing life we’ve been given and start appreciating It every moment.

When we say “Thank you” to our Inmost Being for our being alive, for the gift of living in this human environment and sharing our self in relationship with others, all for the purpose of awakening to the Love we are, we feel light and open and full of love, forgiveness and joy. Love reveals to us all that is good, beautiful and true within us and the world around us. When we accept that Love is what we are, and what we’ve always been, we discover that our list of guilt and blame was written in disappearing ink.