Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Memorial Day is a good for us to reflect upon the countless soldiers who have died in all the wars on the planet before and after the Civil War, the war that inspired the establishment of Memorial Day. There has been war after war in this world since recorded history began, and yet there has been no sustainable peace on earth. There are conflicts after conflicts in our government, as well as governments around world, yet there is no peace in our country or sustainable peace in any country. If we want peace on earth, it is vital for us to become aware of the Holy Memory within us, placed in our heart at the moment of creation, that lives there still. It is the Memory of Wholeness, a memory of our Oneness with our Creator, with the Universe, and with all that live within It. Such a memory of Universal Love, Joy, Peace, Harmony, and Well Being for all has the Power to prevent war now and forever, and to insure that not one more soldier is added to the number of war dead to be remembered on future Memorial Days.

We all want peace, but are we truly willing to let it begin with us? What do we do to bring it about? Are our thoughts peaceful, at least most of the time? Are our words and actions toward others peaceful, more often than not? Or do we fight with and fight against those who don’t agree with us? And, if they don’t come around to our way of thinking, are we convinced we’d feel a whole lot better if they’d stay out of our way and stop provoking us? Are we sure that if everyone would just stay home, or wear a mask if they must go out, that we’d find peace of mind at last? Is that really all that’s stopping us from being peaceful, or is it just what we’re focusing on now?

The Dutch-born American Anti-War Activist, A.J. Muste, said: “There is no way to peace; peace is the way.” Our choosing peaceful thoughts in our mind, whether we’re thinking about our self, a family member, a coworker, a neighbor, a politician, or someone walking down the street, is the way. Our engaging in peaceful conversations, whether we’re thinking about our self, a family member, a coworker, a neighbor, a politician, or someone walking down the street, is the way. But, so often we demand another way to peace. We want those around us to be different so we can be peaceful, and until they’re different we continue to focus on all the things they do that make us crazy and angry.

In the Book of James we read, “You lust and you do not possess; You murder and envy and you have no power; You fight and you do battle and you have not because you ask not.” Thousands, perhaps millions, of people around the world have been praying for peace and meditating for peace for decades or longer. But, if our thoughts between our prayers don’t support our prayers, our prayers are powerless. The Creative Power of the Universe doesn’t listen to our words. It feels the vibration of our thoughts. Have you ever had someone say something to you and you felt that it didn’t “ring true”? We could say that the Universe listens to our bells, not our words. It is the vibration of the thoughts we emit that is answered by the powerful Universal Law of Attraction that responds with no questions asked. It never wonders, It never asks, “Are you sure that’s what you want to focus on?” We ask for peace, or for health, love, joy, and other good things, through the thoughts we focus on in our mind. If our thoughts match our prayers, then our prayers are powerful things. But, we can’t buck the Universal System by praying with words we don’t live by. We call to us what we think about, and there are no exceptions. Even if we’re thinking about someone else and their behaviors, the Law of Attraction sends a corresponding response back to us in the forms, expressions, and experiences of our life, not the life of anyone else. The more challenges we find with one another, the more challenging we will be to each other. And, likewise, the more beauty we find in one another, the more beautiful we will be to each other.

If we’ve forgotten, it is essential for us to remember that even in this world of such vivid contrast and apparent differences in preferences and behaviors, that despite what we see and regardless if we disagree, we are all spiritual beings of Love, living in spiritual Universe of Love, that is governed by the spiritual Law of Love, and organized perfectly by the Law of Attraction.

What is the key to accessing our memory of the Universal Law and Order that is based on Love? It’s been said, “The bad news is there is no key to universe. The good news is it was never locked.” We don’t need to struggle for years, or effort at all to find the key to our spiritual Memory. The Door was never locked. We just have to want to open It. We don’t wonder if we remember where we put the keys to car until we’re ready to go somewhere. In the same way we won’t wonder if we remember where the Truth in heart is until we’re ready to move forward into the world again, and only if we’re ready to move forward in peace and love, willing to live in harmony with all those who are living in the world with us who don’t necessarily behave as we wish they would.

With all that has come about to bring about the current situation in the world, if we are looking for a powerful, positive solution, it’s time for all of us to give peace a chance. Are we  ready to experience the wholeness within us that allows us to see the wholeness in others, and to feel our oneness with all life  and  live in harmony? Love is the Nature of Life Itself. The Memory of Wholeness within us is a Divine Recollection of the Unmistakable, Unrestricted, Unlimited, Unconditional Love that is our true nature as living beings. In The Science of Mind we read, “Man must partake of the Divine Nature if he comes from It or is made out of It; for what is true of the Whole must also be true of any of Its parts.” Peace is an attribute of Wholeness. Peace lives in all the parts and the parts can’t be taken apart. Peace comes to our mind as we remember we are created as One Diverse Life of Unity, not conformity. If we will ever live in peace on earth together, every part of us must choose peace for our self. Are we each ready to do our part for peace by being a peaceful part? If we’re not ready to give up our need to control others, and if we’re not ready to let go of thoughts, words and actions of conflict because we’re convinced peace can’t be achieved without a good fight, then it’s likely we’re not going to look for the Door within us that will take us to the Memory of Peace.

The Truth set within our heart has the power to heal every wounded perception we have of self and others. If we are seekers of Truth we can’t discover what we’re created to be together as long as we continue to try to pull each other apart. It is important to ask our self: “Am I ready to surrender conflict, and the need to be right, for peace and happiness? Am I ready to remember who ‘I am’ in a Universe where God said ‘I Am’ first?  Am I ready to remember God and God’s creation, and forget the rest?”