In The Science of Mind we read, “To be as one beyond the bounds of time and space is to overcome the bondage of the human race. Spiritual Laws or Principles exist beyond time and space, and beyond the human race. Yet they are active here and now to set us free to be all we are created to be even in this human experience. A Universe that Flows with unopposed freedom and movement would never place restrictions upon any living being within It, including us. As we consciously cooperate with the Universal Laws that govern us not only for our own good, but to our own good, we access our Inner Power to create a life that feels good to live.

One of those Universal Laws is the Law of Circulation. When we choose to “Be in the Flow,” we are cooperating with the giving and receiving Nature of Life, and inviting Its joyous movement of Creative Energy to flow more fully through us and create the life we want to experience. A Course of Love tells us “Just as water passing through an entry and exit point has an impact and a motion, so does what passes through you provide the movement of your life experiences. Where do things pass through us? According to A Course of Love “That place is where your path crosses with that of another. Where you encounter situations in your life. Where you experience things that cause you to feel and think in a certain way.” In other words, it is the place where what we believe to be true in our mind intersects with what we perceive as true in the world around us.

Everything within our day—every encounter, conversation, activity, and event—must pass through our mind in order to be experienced by us and to feel real to us. Everything we see as the world around us has first passed through the thoughts that already exist in our mind. Whatever or whoever we may see has passed through the judgments, opinions and beliefs we already have about whatever it is, or whoever it is, or we have about similar things or people.

No one sees life, or experiences life in exactly the same way. But no matter how unique our version of reality may be, not one of us can create a good feeling life with bad feeling thoughts. Ernest Holmes wrote in The Science of Mind, “We must take the highest thought we have and attempt to enlarge on it in consciousness until it embraces a more vital concept of Reality.” In this way, our highest thought feels the most real to us. If we want to create the life we want live, a life that feels good as it passes through us each day, we must be willing to focus on our highest thoughts about that life, and let thoughts that don’t support that life pass through us, and “away” from us, so they don’t stick around and create experiences we don’t want.

Not one us came into the world to create a life we don’t want to live. Not one of us wants, or asks for, anything but love, joy, peace, and freedom. Not one us would rather think something good about self and everyone else because such thoughts feel good to think. But we’ve learned a lot since we arrived in the world that doesn’t support the good feeling life we want to create. So we need to be willing to let those thoughts, and their past creations, go so that the thoughts we keep in mind support the life we have mind.

A Course of Love tells us, “The pass-through approach is relinquishing the idea of bringing things to a stop where they can be examined under a microscope.” Our thoughts design and give shape to the way Life moves through us. Like channels in a canal our thoughts guide the Invisible Creative Flow into visible form and expression in our life. We’re guiding It all the time because we can’t stop Life from moving within us. But we can channel Its movement so that today looks a lot like yesterday, and the people in our life today behave a lot like those we used to know. If we keep telling the same old stories, they become our current events. “Way back when” becomes here and now. Focusing on what has been can make us feel like a has been with no hope for something better. Whatever we focus on most of the time feels the most real to us. How can we let the good times roll if we keep stopping the music? To be in the Flow for our own good we need to let thoughts that don’t feel good pass through without stopping to examine them under microscope before we do.

We don’t need to figure out why something happened in the past, or what anyone meant by what they said today. We can decide it doesn’t matter because we’re not limited to the opinions and judgments others have of us, they are. And we don’t need to analyze every little thing we’ve said or done. We can decide that whatever we said or did was the best we could at the time, and let self-analysis pass through us. Despite the famous words of Socrates, we are free to let anything pass through us, unexamined by us.

Our urge to be joyously free to live a life that feels good to live is a Holy Impulse within us. It comes naturally to us because the Nature of the Universe flows within us, and Its Nature is all about feeling good! The Universal Flow of Creative Energy that gives movement to all life is Present right where we are, wherever we are. It gives us animation for self expression. It causes us to breathe, to walk, to talk, to dance, to feel, and to think. We couldn’t live, or move, or do anything without It. Because Its Nature is our nature, we are free to see life differently anytime we choose. There’s nothing that can’t pass through us and allow us to feel new again and again, no matter how long we may seem to have been stuck in same spot thinking the same thought. Because Its Creative Power is our creative power, we are never limited to any form we may have created. We are free to change any condition in our body, any thought in our mind, and any situation in our life.

This is how healing takes place. If we weren’t free to let sickness pass through us, neither a pill nor a prayer could bring health to our body. If our current and future experiences were limited to the relationships, finances, activities, and events we’ve experienced in the past, changing our thinking now would do nothing to change our life. But it does, because The Flow of Life that is constantly on move is moving in us, as us. If we didn’t resist Its movement with rigid immovable thoughts, It would easily move out of any form or expression we didn’t want and into forms and expressions we do want.

If we want to create a life that feels good to live, we must take the highest thought we have about that life and enlarge on it until “the good life” fills more space in our consciousness. We must enlarge upon it until it embraces a more vital concept of a Reality we want to live, and let anything less pass through us.

Life is a moving experience. Rivers flow, winds blow, oceans wave, clouds float, and planets rotate. There’s never a dull moment! The Eternal Movement of Life, the Unending Breath of the Universe, breathes in and out of all forms and expressions within It, including us. We are One with the Life and Breath of the Universe. It not only breathes life into us, It lives and breathes life as us. As Mooji put it: “God isn’t playing with you. God is playing as you.” We are born of a Universe of Joyous Play. Everything within It has rhythm. Everything dances. Our life is meant to feel good. God is present in all we do because God is expressing as me and you. If any other thought comes to mind, we are free to simply let it pass through, and let the Good Times roll into every moment.