The Art of Abundance tells us “When you master the power of positive perspective, you’ll realize that to be blessed and know you are blessed enables you to become an authentic blessing to others, which in part is why you are here.” We master the power of positive perspective by focusing on what is right with our life, rather than on what is wrong wrong with it. We master the power of positive perspective by choosing how we want to feel in the moments of our life, rather than acting as if we have no choice but to react to people, conditions and circumstances. We master the power of positive perspective by knowing we are blessed, and then looking for blessings in our self, others, and every situation. And, finally, we master the power of positive perspective by deciding to talk about why we’re so blessed, rather than talking about why we’re so stressed.

So often we spend time and energy focusing on what we don’t want in our life and in the world around us. We keep it in the forefront of our mind as if we’re worried that if we forgot about what we don’t want, even for a moment, it might get worse. But it isn’t our forgetting about what we don’t want that makes it get worse. It’s our constant conversations in our mind, and with others, about what we don’t want that attracts more of it to us because we energize those thoughts. As the saying goes, “What you resist persists.” Why? Because our struggle to get rid of whatever it is we don’t want, and our fight against it until we do, causes what we don’t want to be all we see. We experience a life we don’t want and doesn’t feel good to live. If we want to create a life that is joy to live, it’s vital for us to keep in mind, all the time, that we give life in our life to what we focus on.

No matter what appears to be doing on, we are free in every moment to choose to perceive things differently. We can change our perspective from “this is too good to be true” to “this is so good it must be true.” We can decide that rather than spending our time waiting for the other shoe to drop, we can spend each moment in anticipation of a dance of celebration. We master the power of a positive perspective by keeping our eyes on the prize of what we want to experience. In this way, we attract it to us because it is what we’re focused and our thoughts cause us to see.

It seems that often we are quick see to see what’s wrong with our self and others, but slow to look for a blessing. We take a situation “as is,” and if it doesn’t look good, we go with the flow of negativity and react to it. Sometimes our curiosity can get the best of us. We follow a negative story, and fill our mind with negative thoughts that bring us down. If we don’t practice a positive perspective, we won’t notice when our mind and emotions have followed a negative vibration down a rabbit hole and joined with a problem rather than a solution. How do we practice a positive perspective in a world that seems hell bent on calling our attention to every negative detail? First of all, we need want to. If we are “heaven-bent” on creating a life that feels good to live, we need to learn to value the power of a positive perspective—in every situation and as an overall attitude in life.

In every moment there are two things going on simultaneously. We see what is right in front us, in physical form, i.e., that which has already happened. At the very same time, right where we are, is the unlimited potential for what comes “next.” What comes next in our experience is determined by our thoughts and intentions. The power of positive perspective calls to us a positive experience next because we’re looking for it and expecting it. When we realize we’re creating our future experiences out of what we choose to focus on in any moment, we realize it’s a good idea to look for the good and praise it as quickly as possible!

A positive perspective is the awareness we are blessed wherever we are—alone or in a crowd, at church or on the expressway, with good friends or total strangers. We expand our positivity capability by noticing and celebrating not only the blessings that shout, “Hey, look at this windfall” or “Look at this piece of good fortune,” but by noticing and celebrating equally the small blessings too, and all the blessings in between. Every blessing, everywhere, in our life and the world around us, is a confirmation that we are one with a Universe that is loving us and blessing us, and all of creation, every moment of every day.

When we decide to celebrate those everyday blessings we have been taking for granted, we begin to appreciate seemingly ordinary things because we realize there are no ordinary things. We come to see that everything in life is miracle. We realize that there isn’t anything or anyone in our life that is ordinary, dispensable or unimportant. We even begin to appreciate those disagreeable rascals in our life as blessings in disguise (even if those disguises appear scary on the surface).

Every moment of our life is worthy of our gratitude and appreciation. Every moment is a precious gift of life to us from the God of all Creation. When we seek to perceive the blessings of holiness between the cracks and crevices of our daily life, we no longer see our self as struggling to become good enough, or spiritual enough, to catch the attention, and earn the benevolence, of a God who is waiting for us to shape up and get it right before we’re blessed. We know we’re blessed. We begin to see with eyes that are able to perceive infinite grace operating in exquisite and subtle ways everywhere. The power of positive perspective reveals blessings beyond what our physical eyes readily see, and we experience something deeper in the moments of our life than the surface of things can offer us. It’s up to us to decide where we’re going to look, and what we’re going to look for. We’re always free, wherever we are, to look for the good and praise it!