Creation didn’t stop on the symbolic “Seventh Day.” On the contrary, the Universe has been evolving and expanding ceaselessly ever since “The Beginning.” It expands by endlessly creating more and more of Itself from within Itself, pushing outward and moving forward in all directions, causing every life form within It to evolve, change and grow.

It is essential for us to take this astronomical happening personally because evolution, change and growth are happening through us and our life. Our awareness that it is, is vital for our well being—to our health, happiness, peace of mind, enjoyment in living, and our ability to consciously create the life we want to live.

Every moment, through what we are thinking and how we are feeling, the expansion of Creation is occurring through us. There is no stopping it, or avoiding it, no matter how hard we may try. There is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide from a Universe that is Infinite and Present everywhere, including right where we are.

We are powerful, creative vibrational beings immersed in the powerful, creative Energy of a Universe that governs everything, including us, through Its Laws. We can ignore the Universe, but It isn’t ignoring us.
Heaven and hell aren’t destinations, or places of reward or punishment. They are places within our mind and experiences of our emotions that are the result of the thoughts we choose to focus on and the feelings those thoughts create within us.

If we are having a hell-of-time in our life right now—if our health isn’t to our liking, if our relationships could be more harmonious, if our resources could be more bountiful, and if we would like to experience more joy and fulfillment in our days and more peace in our nights—we are free, despite appearances, to choose uplifting thoughts that will uplift our emotions and cause us to naturally ascend into a Lightness of Being that heals us and reveals to us more and more of the One we’re created to be.

The Universe is perfectly organized by the Law of Attraction. What goes around, comes around. What we put out, we get back. What we believe to be true, appears to us to be true. The unconditional response to our thought is always, “Right back at you.” And, in an expanding Universe, it is “Right back at you, and then some,” even though we may prefer to receive less of what we’re getting, and more of something else entirely.

Like it or not, every thought we think, every vibration of our moment-to-moment intention, and the sum total of our ideas about our self and life are like seeds that are automatically received by the Creative Energy of the Universe, and acted upon without question to bring about that which we are calling to us.

How we appear right now is “in a manner” the seed of that which we will be. Along our evolutionary journey of Being, the thoughts we thought yesterday have become our experience of our self in life in this moment. The thoughts we are thinking right now will come into physical form and experience somewhere in the future.

If we like what we’re thinking right now, and how we’re feeling about what we’re thinking, it would be wise for us to keep nurturing those thoughts with the warm light of love, the pure water of positivity, and the rich nutrients of faith and trust in the Goodness of Life.

But often we let circumstances and events dictate our thoughts and feelings, and the things we’ve thought about in the past and experienced before to negatively dominate our experience in the moment. Then love turns into fear, positivity into negativity, and faith and trust into doubt.

A few good questions for us to ask our self might be: “Do I actually believe that what I choose to think, and how I choose feel, plant seeds that determine what I experience next in my life? Or do I believe in the “luck of the Irish (whether I’m Irish or not)? Do I live as if what I experience in my life is a matter of luck, chance or fortune?”

Do we live with our fingers crossed as if our life is haphazard and willy nilly, rather than perfectly organized by the Law of Attraction that governs it? Do we give our power to create away to suspicion and judgment because we’d rather believe someone snuck into our “garden” and planted something we didn’t want to grow, rather than taking responsibility for what grows there? Or, do we take time, instead, to acknowledge that what happens in our life is the result of our oneness with the Creative Energy of Life that always hears us (even when we’re not listening to what we’re thinking or saying)?

The Law of Attraction isn’t responsible for our thoughts and feelings. But, It does take all the action in organizing perfectly all the energies in the Universe (including our own), and matching vibrations with vibrations that create experiences, including our own.

We have control we don’t exercise because we’re busy worrying about what everyone else is doing, rather than caring about what we are offering to the vibrational mix, and what we are calling to our self with the vibration our thoughts are emitting.

In the Book of Galatians it is written, “Don’t be deceived: God is not mocked. For whatever a person sows he will also reap.” Put another way, the Law of Attraction can’t be fooled by words we don’t believe. Affirmations that don’t ring true to us don’t come true for us. We’ve all heard the reap-what-you-sow words before. It isn’t so much that we are ignorant that thoughts, words and actions have consequences. It’s just that we may be ignoring that Universal Truth or thinking that It doesn’t apply to us.

The more aware we are that we are creating that which our life is revealing to us, even if we don’t like what we’ve created so far, our awareness we have creative power at all lets us know we can create something else if we choose to.

Nothing impinges upon us, but the thoughts we choose to hold in our mind. Nothing limits us at any level or dimension of experience except that which we have chosen. At the center of our being there is a Garden of Eden, a paradise of unlimited positive possibilities for the extension and expansion of Creation through us. We are the creator of all that we think, see and experience, and we are always free to think again!