Photo by Jan Alexander

If we were to practice the ten “Rules for a Prosperous Life” listed in The Art Abundance, by Dennis Merritt Jones, we would discover that each of them is intended to remind us that we live in an Abundant Universe of overflowing Love that gives to all alike, all the time, including all of us. As we remember our oneness with the Universe we become more and more aware that we are already abundantly blessed just to be alive.

The unlimited and infinite creative power of God’s Holy Mind is extended to our mind because we are one with that Mind. It thought us up, thought us into existence, and is thinking of us still. And that Holy Mind is the original and only source of all abundance.

The second of the ten rules for a prosperous life is “Be Aware You Live in an Expanding Universe.” We live in a Universe that, through Its expansive Nature, is endlessly creating more and more beautiful things for us to be and to behold. Whether or not we’re aware of Universal Expansion won’t stop the Universe from ceaselessly doing Its expanding thing.

Even if we choose not to think about the expansion of Universe at all, the Universe won’t stop thinking about us and expanding through us, whether or not we’re paying attention or consciously choosing to participate in our own growth and evolution. However, if we would choose to work with It, rather than ignoring It, Universal Expansion would expand our awareness of the beautiful richness that lives in us. Such expanded awareness would naturally call to us more of the “Good Life” we desire to live.

We live in a Universal Conspiracy of Joy. If we’d allow It to, the Powerful Creative Force for Good in which we live would create more and more joy and happiness for us, through us, and as us. We can never ask for too much in an expanding Abundant Universe because It not only has “an extremely plentiful or over-sufficient quantity of supply to give,” It is constantly increasing, creating more and more of Itself through every being that lives within It, including you and me.

Our awareness that we are one with an Unlimited Creative Power that is Present everywhere, including right where we are, is essential if we want to create a life that feels (to us) like the one we want to live. Not a life filled with sacrifices because believe there is not enough to go around and we don’t want be selfish. Not the meager life we feel forced to live because it’s all we deserve. But, the life we want to live because living it brings us joy. And, isn’t joy the reason we want to do anything or have anything at all? Isn’t having good health, loving relationships, financial ease, and material things about the joy we believe they will bring? Why on earth would we choose to live in the misery and struggle of lack and limitation in any area our life when the Universe conspires to give us all the Joy in world?

Could it be that we believe some things we desire are spiritual and some are not? How many times have we felt the desire to be wealthy and then reconsidered that desire because we believed it to be “unspiritual”? After all, doesn’t the Bible say, “Money is the root of all evil”? No, it says that the love of money is the root of all evil. Sri Ramana Maharshi said, “Happiness is your nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside.” Prosperity is our nature. It isn’t wrong to desire it. What’s wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside.

The Universal Laws that govern us, govern us from the inside out. The more open we are to the Good that is always open to us, the more we begin to trust that our every desire is met with a Universal desire to fulfill it. It may be true that “the best things in life are free,” but since the God of our Creation is the One sourcing us with everything, that “everything” includes cold hard cash if want it, and don’t resist it by holding judgments against it.

Money—whether it is US dollars, Canadian dollars, Australian dollars, Swiss francs, Japanese yen, Euros, Indian rupees, or shells and beads—begins with the same Invisible Universal Energy that creates worlds. And, it is extended to all life by the same Source: Limitless Divine Mind

We learned (from those who were mistaken) to believe the God of our Creation would be pleased with a life of lack and limitation. We learned that if we were going to have anything at all we needed work hard for it, and personally earn it, or do without it.

A life of prosperity, including financial prosperity, doesn’t require hard work, sacrifice, or our being sacrilegious. In fact, the life that seems to us to be a joy to live becomes easier for us to experience when we realize success and prosperity are spiritual attributes. The Invisible Energy of the Universe vibrates with the Voice of God. The Word of God is the original and only Source of all our abundance.

Prosperity takes visible form in our life, or it doesn’t, according to our belief system, through the vibrations of the thoughts we emit that either call prosperity to us or direct it away from us. Life doesn’t happen to us, it happens through our direction—through the mental impressions and images of thought we choose to hold in mind.

We can choose to stay small, and live without much, because we believe such a life is more spiritual. And that’s okay if that’s what we want to do.
But, we can also choose to “live large,” and expand into greater and greater expressions of joy because we want to experience more and more of the Life we’ve been created to live.

To be an intentional creator of what we want to experience in life, rather than an unconscious creator of what we don’t want, we must become aware of the creative power of our thoughts, and then notice what we focus on, and what we’re thinking about most of the time. Our judgements and opinions of what is right or wrong, spiritual or worldly, belong to us alone because the Universe holds no such opinions and gives to all Unconditionally.

In The Science of Mind we read, “In order for man to reenact the Nature of the Universe, he is equipped with decision, will, choice, volition, intellect, and purpose.” Choosing good feeling thoughts creates a sense of well being within us that calls to us visible forms and experiences that match those good vibrations. We reenact the Joyous Nature of the Universe by first realizing that the Source of all we desire would deny us nothing, and endlessly conspires to bring about our desires.

When we accept total responsibility for the creative power of our thoughts, when we fearlessly choose the attributes we want to express as our self in the world, the more aware we become of our unlimited and infinite creative power to extend the beauty of Creation.

Each moment is new. It’s always a new beginning—not just a new morning, but a new moment of conscious choice to combine thoughts, feelings, and energies that bring about new experiences into our life. We are free to create a life that brings us joy if we choose to because we live in a Universal Conspiracy of Joy that will bring it about.