Image by Johannes Plenio from Pixabay

Are you experiencing the power of new thoughts in your life? Are the New Year’s Resolutions you made with so much hope less than a month ago still going strong? Are you still focusing on those positive changes in your thinking that have the power to bring about greater health, wealth, happiness, peace of mind, and freedom of self-expression this year? Often it seems that new thoughts stop getting as much attention in our mind as the old ones, and lose their importance to us, because if we don’t see “quickly enough” the new manifestation of what we desired to see in physical form, we go back to focusing on old thoughts that feel more familiar and more like who we believe our self to be.

New thoughts are what New Thought Teaching is all about. Ernest Holmes referred to Science of Mind as “a philosophy, a faith, and a way of life.” He didn’t say “or” a way life, but “and” a way of life. Whether our choice of study is based on The Bible, The Science of Mind, A Course in Miracles, or The Way of Mastery, or if it is eclectic and includes many studies, the intention behind, beneath, and within all the spiritually profound books we read isn’t the memorization of text, no matter how beautiful the text may be. It isn’t about words alone, no matter how wonderful the words may be. Even the word “love” must be felt before it is real to us, and lived before it enriches our life. The only way for spiritual study to become real for us is to live it, and to make spiritual thinking and feeling a way of life—not just sometimes, but all the time.

New Thought is a way of living no matter what we’re doing. It is the active practice of our true spiritual nature while we are having this human experience. It is the act of opening our mind to the Infinite Wisdom of the Universe in which we live, and discovering the new. It is the experience of the more there is to know, the more there is to see, and the more there is to be. If we’re not excited about being our self and the possibilities of becoming more and more, if our day-to-day life seems repetitive and boring, we are not living as the amazing one we’re created to be in this world.

In the Book of James we read, “Faith without works is dead.” Unless our spirituality becomes a reality to us by living it, unless the power of our thoughts becomes apparent to us and we practice intentionally focusing on thoughts we want to take form and expression in our life and witness those thoughts taking form in our life, it doesn’t matter if we faithfully live with our fingers crossed, hoping that our prayers will be answered by a God separate from us, we’ll miss out on the joy, peace and love that are the very nature and composition of who we truly are because we are one with God. We won’t experience the power of our mind or gain access to the new thoughts that are endlessly available to us. Faith alone, faith that is not powered by the Joy and Passion of living it, has no power.

Do you know without doubt that it is your positive thoughts that create what you want to experience in life? Do you feel passion rise within you about being you? Do you express that passion in your day-to-day life? You will only place value on the nature of the thoughts you entertain in your mind when you know, without doubt, that the Power of the Universe, “the Power that creates worlds,” flows through you and you are attracting what you think about. Only then will you make focusing on thoughts you want to become experiences in your life a priority and a way of life.

We’ve all had the experience of anticipating a conversation with someone or interacting with others in a meeting. And, we wanted everything to go just right, i.e., we wanted everything to go our way. We wanted to get our point across or to explain our actions, with nodding approval around us. So, we rehearsed the conversation or meeting in our mind. We thought about what we were going to say and how someone else was going to react. We might have considered several scenarios before we found the one we liked the best. And then when we actually had the conversation or meeting nothing went the way we thought it would, and the experience wasn’t so good. What gets in the way of a good outcome, and keeps us from experiencing the power of new thoughts in our awareness, is our rehearsing the moments of our life before they arrive, and using old thoughts to figure out how things are going to go before they get there! Michael Bernard Beckwith said, “Don’t be in such a rush to figure everything out. Embrace the unknown and let your life surprise you.”

Life is full of surprises if we don’t spoil the surprise with old thoughts that convince us we know how our life is going to go. The Universe loves us, and that is all we need to know. Spirituality isn’t a choice. We are spiritual beings. But, expressing our spiritual nature is a choice, and it is a powerful one. Opening our mind to the more we can be is living our spirituality. Whether we are alone, or with family, friends, coworkers, group members, or total strangers. No matter what is going on, if we are fully present in the moment, if we don’t cover our inner guidance with protective human self-consciousness, and if we don’t try to figure out the motives of others, we free our self to express love spontaneously. If we’re alone then that spontaneity is self-love! When we respond to any moment without judgement, the “extraordinary mysterious ways of Love” often surprises us with a newer, more loving version of our self.

Are you ready to get your mental grove going this year by deciding to make all the profoundly beautiful, spiritual things you read and study, not only a philosophy of words, but a way of life? If you’ve been thinking you’re not smart enough to understand New Thought Teachings and become the Master of your life, you have been under-estimating the Power God in you! There will always be more to know. Yet, if we trust the extraordinary mysterious ways of Love to guide us, we’ll know exactly what we need to know in every moment.