Mother’s Day is a beautiful opportunity for us to remember our earth birth mother in a special way. Whether she stayed to raise us or she had to leave us, there was a powerful bond in that singular mother-child relationship. For roughly nine months we shared one body with her, and no matter what she did after we were born, and no matter how many times over the years we may have disagreed with her, it is important to acknowledge and honor the one agreement that was the most important one we shared with her: From the moment she felt our heartbeat within her, she said “yes” to our request to be born into this world.

Our birth mother was willing to provide a nurturing womb (as best she could) to prepare us for earth life. That bond was so powerful that during our prenatal life we felt everything she felt and responded within the womb as she responded to the world around her. We could say that the very first universe we experienced within the physical realm was the universe of the womb of our mother. Within that universe we were in constant communication with the quality of emotional vibrations that made up life as she experienced it, and we took in, took on, and began to experience her psychic field as our own. We became deeply influenced by psychic patterns that didn’t originate with us, but we identified as belonging to us. That is why there is no other relationship that feels as emotionally strong, or can move us up and down the range of our emotions, as the vibrational identity we share with our birth mother. Even in memory she can trigger in us (like nobody else can) feelings of undeniable love, as well as feelings of neediness, annoyance, and frustration.

Until we awaken to our true self, and identify with the power within us to choose how we will experience life, we’ll simply live as a bundle of reactivity seeking to find approval, safety and survival in the world. The beauty of the mother-child relationship is that it can teach us this powerful life lesson that will help us to awaken. If we can feel the vibrations of familiar emotions without taking them “personally,” if we can allow them instead to be felt within us, and then pass through us without identifying them (and holding onto them) as our own, we come to realize our power to choose how we will respond in each moment, and to every situation.

In Truth we live constant communication with all that passes through our Universal Birth Mother. Her energy field is constantly emitting the high vibrations of love, peace, joy, enthusiasm, and appreciation that we are free to call our own because as the offspring of Love, Itself, the high vibrations of Heaven belong to us.