Image by Vinson Tan ( 楊 祖 武 ) from Pixabay

We can live happily, peacefully, and even enthusiastically in these changing, and often confusing, times through our awareness of, and openness to the Divine Energy of Amazing Grace. Even in this world as it is, even in these times as they are, we can choose to quiet the incessant noise in our mind created by images of hate, resentment, anger, and fear. If we are quiet enough, and still enough, we will be able to hear and feel the Soothing Vibration of the Holy Hum of the Universe,. It is the Divine Energy of Life that is everywhere, within all life including our own. God’s Grace is the unchanging Presence of Life beneath all that Is. It is Present even now beneath the current life situation today.

No matter what appears to be happening in this physical world, it’s not all that is going on. There is Life behind the scenes, and behind what’s seen! There is a deeper happening, a more powerful happening that, if we don’t resist It, we can tune into. It is the Grace of God that flows on currents of Love from the Heart of Universe to our heart. It is the sacred vibration of the Universal Soul that lives in our soul. It is the Spirit of existence that causes of our existence.

It is always there for us, but it is up to us to be there with It! When we’re fixated on this three-dimensional world, when we believe “the physical” is all that is going on, and all that is available to us in any moment, life can seem scary, unfriendly and against us. When we think fearful thoughts about anything, and feel fear for any reason, in those moments we have no ears to hear the Holy Hum beneath the forms and expressions of the world, or a heart to feel Love’s Soothing Vibration. But, when let joy arise in us because we want to feel It, and desire to feel It above all else, we are able to tune into the Divine Energy of Grace that flows everywhere, every moment, on currents of Love. When we do, we have no doubt that we are One with the Goodness that is Life, right where we are, no matter where we are. When we have that experience, even for a moment, we realize that not only is there no need to stay apart from any part of Creation, it’s not possible to separate that which is forever Whole.

The word, “grace,” is defined in the dictionary as “elegance or beauty of form, manner, motion, and action.” We use the word, “graceful,” to describe someone or something that moves with ease and poise, like a dancer or a tree swaying in a breeze. The dancer allows the music and the tree allows the breeze to move them gracefully without resistance from them, without thinking about the next step or being concerned about the motivation of the breeze. When someone or something is graceful, they are yielding to the movement and flow of Life within the present moment. A dancer is simply one with the music. A tree is simply one with the breeze. We may not always feel graceful in our physical form, manner, motion, or action, but none of us is awkward in our spirit because our spirit is filled with Grace. We love the gracefulness we see around us because it reminds us of the beauty and elegance we feel within us when we’re feeling one with the natural flow of Life, rather than fighting against it.

When we use the word “graceful,” no matter what we’re describing, we know what we mean. But, do we have as clear and idea of what we mean when we use the word, “grace,” especially as an attribute of God? We might think of the elegance and beauty we see around us as expressing the Grace of God, but what do we mean when we think or say, “There but for the Grace of God go I”? It’s likely we’re not pointing to some elegant or beautiful life expression when we’re saying it! Often we’re pointing at someone who seems (to us) to be less than elegant or beautiful, less fortunate than our self, less well-behaved than we are, less clean, less abundant, less in whatever way we see them lacking. Since the word, “grace,” also means “favor or goodwill,” could we mean, “There but for God’s favor or goodwill go I”? In A Course of Love we read, “All who believe they have more ‘fall’ prey to righteousness. All who believe that they have less ‘fall’ victim to envy. Both ‘fall’ from grace and limit their ability to receive.”

We fall from Grace and limit our ability to receive It when we focus on the world and judge our self and others by appearances. We assume we know what is not possible to know from the “outside.” When we see anyone, no matter how their life appears to be, what we see is only a moment, a “snapshot” of a life along a life path. We have no idea where they are coming from or where they are going to, even when we think we do! To look upon a moment in time and judge someone as lacking the Grace of God that we have somehow achieved, and haven’t lost, is to misunderstand the Nature of Grace, Itself, the pure unchanging Quality of Spirit with all living beings that flows on currents of Love.

If we are experiencing a life that doesn’t seem so good, health that doesn’t feel so good, and a mind filled with thoughts that are not so good, it’s not that we’re being excluded from God’s Grace. We’re letting what we see in the world, and what we see in our self, pinch us off from receiving the fresh start Grace offers. We’re not feeling compassion for self and others. Not one of us can do anything good enough to earn God’s Grace because It is already given freely and unconditionally to all alike. And, since we can’t earn it, we can’t lose It either. And neither can anyone else. If we’ve been focusing only on the world, it may seem more difficult than ever before to feel God’s Grace within us and to be gracious in our self-expression with our face covered with a mask and our hands covered with protective gloves, and all the while being told it’s not safe to be together because we may harm each other. If we’ve been wondering where God’s Grace has gone in this world, it’s vital for us to realize that It hasn’t gone anywhere. It is still here for us. It is still Present in the Life that is ours beneath this life situation.

If we want to experience the Presence of Grace, we must let It express through our graciousness towards others and our gratitude for life. Grace is made manifest in the thoughts we allow to fill our mind about our self and others. It becomes graciousness in the manner and tone with which we speak to each other, And, It becomes graceful in the actions we take out of respect for one another. Through the decisions we make to think, speak and act with conviction that only God, and God’s Creation, is real; through the choice we make to live in a state of mind that accepts that good is all there is, and all there is to come, we don’t earn God’s Grace. We experience the Grace of God that is already there, within us and within everyone around us.

No one can say, for sure, why this world situation has come about. It could be a reflection of our fears, and the safety and protection some believed separation from one another would provide long before the virus made it mandatory. But, it could also be a manifestation of our deeper knowing that we are One Life together, that we can never be separated, that our oneness is like the wind that blows and flows all around world irrespective of walls, and borders, and boundaries. We are in this Life, together, all around the world. The graciousness with which we choose to live our life right now will allow more Grace into our shared life experience as we emerge from our self-imposed separation.

It could be that we are being called to transcend everything we’ve been. It could be that we are being called to let go of yesterday’s misunderstandings and mistakes, and to cease all the blaming, shaming and name-calling. It could be, if we allow it to be, a call to awaken to something deep with our mind we didn’t think up, and something written on our hearts we didn’t write. When we’re finally given permission to freely come out in the world again, we’ll have a choice to either come out fighting, fearing each other as we did before, or to come out loving one another like we’ve never done before! We can’t truly fall from Grace because we live by the Grace of God, within the Grace-filled Creation of God. We are here in human form to express, along with Nature, the gracious elegance and beauty of that creation from the Inside out. Even now, if we leave our house, if we choose to step out graciously into a world calling for love, we’ll be able to say from our heart: “Everywhere, here and there, FOR the Grace of God go I.”