Image by IvaCastro from Pixabay

We are Eternal Beings, but our physical body has an expiration date. That is why it’s important for us to get busy living as fully and freely as we can while we’re in these bodies, and enjoy what we do with them while we’re in them. Abraham-Hicks tells us, “This is your moment. This is what not only you came for but what all of humanity has been posed for. This is what it’s all about: to be in this time/space reality while feeling your own invincibility, your own potential, your own right-place right-time, your own ‘this is the reason that I’m alive,’ your own ‘I’m loving this furthest, most expanded part of my being-ness.’” How often throughout our day do we feel invincible? How often do we feel filled with great potential in life? How often do we feel fulfilled in our moments, loving just being our self because we are aware that it is the furthest, most expanded part of our being-ness so far?

Or do we let “I don’t have time today” stop us from doing what we want to do, or from enjoying whatever we’re doing because we feel guilty that we’re taking time to do it? Do we let “I’ll get to it later when I’m done doing the things I have to do to get through my days” keep us focused on the least expanded, most limited part of being-ness? Eckhart Tolle wrote, “It is not uncommon for people to spend their whole life waiting to start living.” We could say we’ve been waiting for this moment our whole life! Now is the perfect time because now is the only time we have to live. We can’t relive the past no matter how often we think about it, and we can’t live the future until it arrives no matter how much we plan for it.

For many of us the portion that remains of our “whole life” has gotten proportionately smaller over time. We may not know how much Earth time we have left, but we do know it’s far less than we had when we started! It’s been said that it’s never too late to be great. And Georg Eliot wrote, “It is never too let to be what we might have been.” We don’t have time to wait for permission, and we don’t have time to waste being unhappy, doing those things that we don’t want to do, if we want to taste the deliciousness of this Earth life that abounds in every moment just for us. It abounds within every encounter we have with nature and people, and within every situation. All that’s required of us is to be open to It wherever we are. Our being ready and willing to extract the juicy goodness that is here for us each moment fills us with the holy vibrational elixir that brings about well being, peace and happiness that doesn’t depend on what’s happening around us

However, rather than trying to inspire our self to live fully by focusing on the diminishing time we have left in our Earth life, it might be helpful for us to focus on the timelessness that is the backdrop, so to speak, for this Earth experience we’re having in time-space. It might be helpful to explore the idea of the endless expansion and extension that belongs to our Eternal Existence. In this way we can become more aware of the Infinite depth and breadth of the Spiritual Reality in which our souls live even now. The contrast between the Eternalness of our True Being and this temporary, impermanent environment we’re experiencing can make our Earth Life moments all more precious and meaningful..

Someone wrote, “Every minute the heart generates enough energy to drive a truck 20 miles. In a lifetime, that energy is equivalent to driving to the moon and back. So, when you tell someone you love them ‘to the moon and back’ you’re essentially saying you will love them with all the blood your heart pumps your whole life.” Most of us have felt, at least once, a Love within us that so energized our heart that we wanted It to last forever. We may have pledged that Love to another, privately or in wedding vows. But so often in this world Love doesn’t seem to make it to the moon and back. It doesn’t seem to last. It seems to reach an end. We sometimes even say It “dies.” Does that mean that the Love we wanted to last forever wasn’t real Love and so It didn’t last? Or could it mean that the Love we feel in any moment is the Eternal Love that is forever present, the Love that exists beyond time and can’t be measured by time? That Love is in Its Fullness and Allness in every moment. When we feel Love, Joy and Peace that we want to last forever, we’re feeling the Love, Joy and Peace that exists forever.

It’s only as we try to sustain that feeling by spreading it out over time that it seems to diminish. We may ask our self, “How long can I feel this good?” Or we may tell our self that “It’s too good to last” and then go about our life waiting for it to end. And, it seems to end because so often we put conditions on our feelings of Love, Joy and Peace by making what we feel dependent on events, situations and people remaining just so. And, since everything in this world changes, the forever Love, Joy and Peace we feel in any moment that, in Truth is Changeless and Eternal, seems to change with the times.

We can’t get our head around what “forever” is because It can’t be interpreted with the mind. We can think of forever as a long, long time or as a whole lotta days and nights, but that’s just a measurement of time. Forever can’t be measured in time just as the Present Moment can’t be measured in time. Just as we’re about to measure It, the moment has past and a new one seems to take Its place. The Now moment that we so often talk about isn’t a time between the past and future. Now is beyond time. It is That which is Present in all of Its innocence, newness and potential and we are free to experience It every moment.

The mystical poet, Rumi, wrote: “Love rests without any foundation. It is an endless ocean with no beginning and no end.” We are immersed in that endless ocean of Love here and now. We are a drop in the endless ocean and the endless ocean in a drop. Love doesn’t change. It remains what It is even as It endlessly expands with us immersed in It. Love is without beginning and without end, and so are we. Love was in the beginning and before the beginning, and so were we. Love caused the beginning and was flowing in the beginning and continues to flow without end above, beneath and within all life, including us no matter how many endings we may experience in this world.

Though a feeling of being in the right place, at the right time, feels so good, and as vibrational beings we are often inspired to be, or attracted to be, somewhere at a particular time, as spiritual beings living, moving and existing in the timelessness beyond time, there is nothing we’re scheduled to do at a certain time, (but, we are created to have a good time whatever we’re doing). And, though we may feel elated when we overcome obstacles and reach goals, there is no particular goal we must reach, or destination we’re supposed to arrive at, where we can truly say we’re done with Life, that we did it! Because even when we’re done with this Earth Life, Life isn’t done with us. If we want to live happily-ever-after, we can only live It moment to moment. There is no other time or place for happiness to show up. Happiness is Now-Now-Now.

Abraham-Hicks said that we can’t get it wrong and we can’t get it done because Life is continually becoming more and more, evolving and expanding and extending with us in It as It. Abraham-Hicks tells us, “You are eternal consciousness. We cannot find a bigger word than that. You are forever. You never cease to be. You are a consciousness that expands, and it is this expansion that gives you the most delight.” So an important thing for us to notice might be whether or not the idea that there is no final destination for us as Eternal Beings delights us, or exhausts us because we’ve been so looking forward to Eternal Rest.

The good news is we can experience Eternal Rest every moment, here and now, no matter what we’re doing. It is a rest that is beyond time, and yet It is present for us to experience right where we are. We read in the Book of Matthew, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Such an awareness can bring rest to our body no matter how hard we’ve been working it, and peace to our mind no matter how hard we’ve been thinking about something. The idea that there’s no arrival gate can free us live each moment spontaneously, and to feel unhurried and unworried about Life and  just go with the holy Flow.

Papaji wrote, “You are the Eternal Being, Unlimited and Indivisible. Just be quiet. Everything is okay. Be quiet here and now. Happiness is you. You are Peace. You are Liberty.” It’s been said that the pathway of Life is an endless journey of Eternal Satisfaction and Perfect Joy. Eternal Satisfaction and Perfect Joy unfold for us in every moment that we’re not looking for them in some other place and time. There may be no arrival gate for our Eternal Self, but there can be Joy Joy Joy in our Eternal Journey. The ancient Chinese mystic, Lao Tzu, wrote: “A good traveler has no fixed plans, nor does he intend to arrive.”