Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

The burning bowl ceremony is a wonderful way to prepare our self to meet “what’s next” in the new year and new decade ahead with a mind open to newness and a heart filled with a joyous expectation of good. We can use the symbolic ritual of letting go of the old and embracing the new to inspire and empower us to live our life from now on with more vigorous health, greater happiness, more inclusive and expansive love, a deeper peace, and an ease of flow in giving and receiving abundant good wherever we go.

If we’ve participated in this type of ritual before, or many times before, we may find we’re still trying to release the same old negative thoughts we tried to release the last time, and the time before that! But, we can make this time the final time. We can decide to let go, once and for all, the negative thoughts and self concepts we’ve been carrying around for so long they seem like an inseparable part of who we are. So essential, in fact, to our human identity that deciding to finally let them go might feel a little like deciding to have lobotomy!

Who would we be without our “I would have if I could have” stories about our inability to get it right and our unworthiness to have it all? Who would we be without our “somebody done me wrong” songs of powerlessness, vulnerability and victimhood? What would we think about, and talk about, without them? What would we tell our self, and others, if we weren’t complaining about how things are and explaining why they’re that way?

What would we do if weren’t constantly limiting our present day joy, love, peace, and financial flow with yesterday’s reruns, or limiting our future happiness with those two fearful words, “I can’t, ” which are usually followed by the explanatory statement: “It’s too late, I’m too old, I’m too tired, I lack talent, I lack education.” The list of explanations about why we’re not living the life we want to live goes on and one.

What would life be like without struggling with some issue in our life day after day? Often it’s the same issue over and over again that simply presents itself in different ways. It might appear as various health problems. We get over one thing and some other health issue pops up. It might appear like a number of relationship challenges. We argue and makeup with the same partner over and over again, but the relationship doesn’t improve; or we have problems with our boss, coworkers, or group members, even if we change jobs or groups. It might look different financial problems. No matter how much money we earn, or try to save, there’s never enough. Even if, just for a moment, there’s a little wiggle room in our finances, the car breaks down, a household appliance needs fixing or replacing, or some other unexpected expense shows up.

Our experiencing our self and life in a new way can’t be found in old stories of yesterday that don’t feel good to remember or repeat. Discovering new abilities, finding new direction, and living our dreams won’t come about if we don’t stop thinking about, and talking about, what’s holding us back. Life doesn’t happen to us. It happens through us, through our mental and emotional direction. We are the creator of our experiences of life on earth, not victims of a world outside of us that is creating it for us. Most us can likely identity some of those repetitive thoughts that not only haven’t been helpful in creating the life we want to live, but have been a downright hindrance to our experiencing freedom to express our self at all. There is an ease in living with the awareness that we, and no one else, are responsible for our life, and that we are free to choose our thoughts, feelings, words, actions, and reactions.

The burning bowl ceremony has two parts. “I am releasing” is letting go of limiting, negative thoughts. “I am allowing” is a declaration of we want to express and experience in the future. Before beginning a burning bowl ceremony, it is helpful to ask yourself these questions: “Am I ready to embrace my greatness? Am I ready to experience the power and pleasure of my spirit as I live my life here on earth? Am I ready to argue as hard for my greatness, by speaking forcefully and passionately about what’s going right in my life and the world, as I’ve argued for my limitations and the limitations of the world?” If we actually let go of a negative concept, if we truly release whatever it is that has been holding our dreams hostage, we free our desires to come to us in mind and, through our willingness, to take form and expression in our life.

The burning bowl ceremony is an outer acknowledgement of our willingness to change our thinking and step into a freer, more joyous, expression of our self in life. It can be inspirational to see a particular negative thought go up flames. If we intend it to be, it can be a burnt offering to our Inner Being stating our intention to finally release and let go of what no longer serves our greatness as a spiritual being having a human experience. At same time it’s important for us to remember that there is no outer ritual that can change us without our inner participation of change. Change is a moment-to-moment process of choosing the thoughts we want to think and how we want to feel. If we are willing to take control of our thoughts and feelings, and intentionally direct them towards our desire, we become a deliberate creator and positively affect our life.