04-19-2020 Time and Time Again

Posted by Life Enrichment Center on Sunday, April 19, 2020

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

This present moment is the only time we can enjoy our life as it’s happening. We can think about something that made us happy yesterday. We can think about what might make us happy tomorrow. But we can only feel the Joy of It while we are actually experiencing it in the present moment. Joy is our Nature as a living Being. It lives in us no matter what is happening around us in any moment. Allowing our self to feel that Joy in the present moment, to feel It for no reason at all, beyond conditions of the world, will keep us sane in these seemingly insane times. Joy is the key to keeping us healthy mentally, emotionally and physically. Now is the perfect time for us to prove to our self that we are spiritual beings, and that even though we are having this human experience, we still have power of choice as to how we will experience it.

It is important that as we’re waiting for our “freedom” to go outside, we don’t twiddle our mental thumbs or put off our joy and happiness until conditions change around us, because while we’re waiting for the world to change, our opportunity to feel the joy of our being fully alive in Life may pass by us without doing its “Joy-thing” within us, which is to keep us “sane,” and feeling healthy mentally, emotionally and physically. This ever-changing world offers us as many reasons (or more) to say “boohoo” as it does to say “yahoo.” If we’ve been feeling a little nauseous lately it’s likely we’ve been riding the up-down waves of the world. Thank God we’re offered a smoother ride! We’ve been given freewill over the world to experience a consistent joy beyond any worldly condition. But it’s up us to use it.

It’s likely we’ve all noticed at one time or another that even though we read spiritual books that tell us we have freewill, and we listen to spiritual talks that tell us we have freewill, and we go on spiritual walks that make us feel temporarily free, time and time again we end up looking at our human life as separate from our spiritual freewill, just as we look at the world as if it’s separate from the Will of God and the Power of Love that created It. We see the world as having an opposing power all its own that is often in opposition to us. Even though it frightens us to feel powerless, and even though it feels terrible to feel vulnerable, more often than not we give that seemingly opposing power, power over us. We give it power over what we think of our self and life, power over our possibilities in life, and the ultimate power over life and death.

We can choose to use this mandated “home alone time” to discover the unopposed, and Universally supported, power within us. While we’re waiting for freedom to go outside, we are free to spend as much time as we choose inside, with our Inner Being. We can use this “time-out” from our usual physical activities to focus on the non-physical, spiritual-vibrational aspect of our self, so that we become more aware that It’s there for us. Our sanity, which is to say, our consistency of thought, our emotional balance, and our growth in spiritual awareness depends on what inner actions we take now, no matter what the outer conditions may be around us.

So many people who feel vulnerable right now believe they’d feel better if everyone felt vulnerable too. But, even if we agree to feel vulnerable, it won’t relieve the fear of anyone else. It only keeps us from tuning into our own well being. It’s been said, “Fear does not stop death. It stops life. And, worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles. It takes away today’s peace.” We can never be vulnerable enough to empower a fearful person. Just as we can never be sad enough to uplift a sad person or sick enough to make a sick person well. Often we want so much to connect with out loved ones that we’re willing to agree with misery. But lowering our vibration so that we can resonate to something we don’t want keeps us from feeling the Joy within us that will bring about what we do want: Sanity and the feeling of health mentally, emotionally and physically. We’ll get through this time together, and come out better on the other side, only as we, individually, decide for our self who we’ll be and how we’ll be right now, no matter what. We can choose to rise high in spiritual expectations of good even if no one else around us is expecting something good.

It isn’t always easy to stay positive and vibe high. The ways of the world can catch us by surprise. We say that God is all there is. Yet, when push comes shove, if we don’t consciously choose to see that Allness, despite appearances in the moment we’re in, we’ll likely see a world of otherness to push against. It’s fine be informed, helpful even, to watch the news to see if there is a new mandate we must comply with. But, if we become information junkies, incessantly listening to the news and thinking about and talking about what we hear, especially if what we hear causes fear,
then even though there is always a strong calling of well being within us, it becomes more difficult for us to feel it and tune into it.

It is not what’s happening now in the world that determines our experience of life, but how we choose to respond to what’s happening. The good news is that if a particular response doesn’t feel good, we are free to change our thinking to thoughts that feel better, and create a happier, more peaceful response. Now is the perfect time for us take back the power we’ve given to the world to determine our happiness and peace of mind. Now is the perfect time for us to discover a happiness and peace that doesn’t depend on the conditions of the world. There is an awesome summoning power calling us to wake up to who we truly are, calling us to live as the One Joyous Creation of Love we are together. There is a calling to take a stand for the Allness of God, rather than push against ungodlike appearances and behaviors. There is a call for us to stand strong in our conviction that, no matter what appears to be, we are One Beautiful Life born of Universal Love. Now is the perfect time for us to answer the call we have been expecting the world to answer.

The world is healing, or rather Mother Earth is healing. Her water and air are already flowing with far less pollution and impurities. The animals are once again enjoying a more natural environment. We have the power within us, right now, to join in the healing of our planet by healing our self; not by waiting for outer problems to disappear but by cleaning up our own act. We can choose to clear up the pollution in own mind that may be keeping us from feeling the healing that is already spiritually-vibrationally here. We can choose to stand in answered prayer, to stand in world solution by removing the pollution of judgment, blame, and conflict from our mind so that love can flow crystal clear from our heart.