We are exploring the Spiritual Gift of moment-to-moment choice, the freedom of Inner Decision-Making that enables us to think for our self if we want to, direct our mental focus when we choose to, and change our thinking if we need to. Wayne Dyer wrote, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” That is why we must individually become the change we want to see.

We are a Singular Spiritual-Vibrational Being of Love, a Spark of Divinity comprised of the Love flowing from the Heart of God. We are One with a Spiritual-Vibrational Universe created by Love. Because we are so much more than the body we see, even in this human experience, we are here to express, expand and extend Universal Love in our own unique way. There is a Holy Impulse within us that tells us, “I’ve got be free and I’ve got be me”. When we are true to that Inner Impulse and exercise our Spiritual Freewill, we truly come alive! We fall in love with being our Self!

Abraham-Hicks tells us, “The basis of your life is freedom; you are so free, you can choose to direct your thought anywhere. Joy is your quest, and feeling good is what matters most.” The Power of Independence, the powerful desire to be our Self, gives us the courage to tell the world (that appears to be outside of us), “You’re not the boss of me,” even when it seems to be. When we listen to the Holy Impulse within us, we’re not interested in blindly following the demands of anyone that is telling us who we should be and what we should do to please them. If those around us aren’t already happy in their own life, they have no idea where we can find our happiness. Feeling good is what matters most to the Self of God’s Creation. But in this world, where misery loves company, our being happy and making feeling good what matters most to us is often judged as being selfish, uncaring, aloof, even callous. If we don’t practice our freedom of choice, if we don’t honor our own personal preferences, particular desires and natural impulses for happiness, and let others prefer and desire whatever they choose without judging them or trying to control them, we dishonor our Father’s Will that we be happy.

It has been said that true freedom comes to us when we need not one other person to be one other way in order for us to feel good. When we claim Independence from the conditions of the world, and refuse to let its this ’n that ways disturb us, and when we exercise our freedom to feel good no matter what, we’re aligned with the already happy Being that resides in us, the One who is forever joined in our quest for Joy. We discover we can be happy right where are, in a crowd or home alone. We realize nothing needs to change, though it will, but we don’t depend on that change to happen first before we are happy. We don’t put off our happiness until the world around us cheers up and learns to get along. Yet, when we honor our preferences, desires and impulses to express happiness in this human experience, the beautiful thing is we not only enhance our own life experience, we seem to cheer up those around us, and add our own unique increase to the Joy in the world.

However, we have to be honest with our self to utilize our Gift of Freewill. We need to become aware of what we truly think, how we honestly feel, and what we genuinely want. We need to stop looking to the world to tell us what we should want and then waiting for the world to make it happen for us. We must become the change-maker in our own life. Because it is our Father’s Will that we be happy, the whole Universe supports our happiness. But, it’s up to us to become mindful of Its influence along our path in order to follow It.

There are really only two influences we can ever be under, but not at the same time. The Influence of our Inner Being through which the Mind of God flows, or the influence of something outside of us that we are attracting to us by focusing on it and then reacting to it. Being under the influence, depending on what influence we’re under, will either impair our mental acuity and decision-making, or improve it exponentially.

Our mental acuity and decision-making is impaired when we judge our self and others, blame our self and others, and when what we think, feel, say, and do is affected by what others say and do and our perception of their motivation for saying and doing it. When we contract in fear, seethe in anger, and join in the drama, we are under the influence of the world and its ways. Whether we are so influenced by worldly conditions that we are afraid to leave house or so angry we join the mob mentality of fight, fight, fight against the foe, we are under the influence of the thought vibrations and energetic inclinations we’re resonating to, and calling own, that are not helpful in bringing about the solutions that will bless us and bless the world.

We can’t know, though we so often believe we can, what influence someone else is under and why they are doing what they’re doing. For example, if someone isn’t wearing mask, among many possibilities, it’s possible they may want make a political statement, or they may want to be up in your face to challenge you. But, it is also possible they may believe “there is God and nothing else” in themselves, in you, and in the world. On other hand, if someone is wearing a mask it’s possible, among many possibilities, they may be wearing it out of fear, courtesy, compassion, or compliance. Who knows? But, if we’re under the influence of the world, we think we do. We react to the judgements of conflict we hold in our own mind. If we’re angry, we are angered by the motivations we project onto someone else.

The good news, the healing news, is we are only responsible for our own vibration and the influence we choose to be under. The Christ in us, that lives as us even when we don’t live as Christ, is a Singular Force of Love, a Sovereign Energy of Peace and a Self-Contained Vibration of Joy that is independent of the conditions of this world. Yet, It contains the solutions for any problem in the world. When we choose to be under the Influence of our Spirit, our soul energy, our mind is clear of angry, conflicting thoughts. Our mental acuity is sharp and our decision-making comes more easily because it is based on Love and it is easier to see what matters most.

The Voice for God within us, our Inner Being, is always aware of the Oneness of everyone with the Joyous Creation of the Universe, and is always calling us to experience that Joy in our life. We just need to value listening to, and feeling for, the Influence of that Voice, and let It guide us by noticing when we are living our Truth, and against no one else’s, and how good it feels when we live that way.

Thich Nhat Hanh tells us, “We already are what we want to become. Even in our most difficult moments everything that is good, true and beautiful is already there, within us and around us. We just have to live in such a way that allows it to be revealed.” Our Inner Being, the Being we want to be even when we are choosing not to be, is the very Energy of Freewill. If we don’t listen to It and follow It, we’ll miss out on being our true Self in the world and experiencing the good, true and beautiful that is within and around us. We’ll simply be a follower of someone else’s idea of themselves and the world. And, whether we like those ideas or not, we’ll be under the influence of those ideas and react to them either by being angry or in agreement. Either way, we will close down on our magnificence and suck in our limitations, and forfeit our Power of Independence to live life as we choose.

We live in a Spiritual-Vibrational Universe of Harmony. We are each created with a unique vibrational tone so that we can make beautiful music together. But, there can be no Harmony if every note is the same. And, there can no Harmony if we live as a sour note, unaware of the individual resonant tone of Joy coming from within us. We’ll be out of tune with the Love Song of Happiness, and the expansion and extension our perfect vibration would add to the Divine Symphony and Celebration of Life.