Even though a special peace ceremony is inspirational at the time, if that inspiration doesn’t remain with us and influence our life choices after it is over—if we don’t remain under the Influence of Peace and live peacefully everyday—no matter how many peace ceremonies take place each year, they won’t bring peace on earth. All we need to do is look at the conflicts within our own country, that are no less divisive than conflicts around the world, to see that peace on earth requires more than our yearly attention. A once-a-year peace meditation, peace prayer, or peace celebration feels good as we participate, but it won’t bring a sustainable peace on earth unless we all make a decision to live under the influence of Peace, and let It guide all that we think, do and say everyday.

Mahatma Gandhi said, “There is no path to peace. Peace is the path.” Our choosing to live under the influence of the Peace that lives in us is a powerful way for us to be of service to the world around us. We serve the world by choosing peace as our path. We serve the world by being the peace we want to see on earth. We serve the world by offering the Spirit of Peace a passage into the world through us as we live our ordinary day-to-day life. Every moment we have an opportunity to let peace begin with us. We have a choice between judgement and acceptance, conflict and compassion, isolation and unity.

There is a distinct difference between controlling our anger and choosing peace. If we’re emitting silent angry energy, we’re not being peace even if we’re being quiet. Living peacefully in a world that seems filled with naming, shaming, blaming, and harming isn’t easy. We want solutions to problems. But when we focus on a problem we become part of problem because we energize it and give it more life with our attention. More love is always the answer. Inner peace is always the solution. If we live under the influence of the world, rather than under the influence of Peace, peace won’t stand a chance.

Thich Nyat Hahn said, “People say walking on water is a miracle, but to me walking peacefully on earth is the real miracle.” How do we maintain peace of mind in a chaotic, conflicted world? How can we practice walking peacefully on the earth in a world where obstacles to peace seem to pop up everyday? We can practice peace in a “safe environment” so that we become so familiar with Its presence within us that no matter what may be happening in the moments of our life, we’ll remember Its there for us to call upon. For example, we can practice while walking in nature where animals and trees are not likely to disturb our peace. We can meditate in a quiet place, or listen to music that soothes our soul. Practicing peace, when peace is all that appears to be, makes peace an easy choice. Such practice causes us to remember that peace is natural to us, and always there for us to choose even when it seems a difficult choice.

To walk peacefully in the world we must practice choosing peace in every thought we ponder in our mind, in all the conversations we choose to join in, and in every action we take. When we give peace a chance we find we’re able to breathe deeply and peacefully in the midst of anger, even if it is directed our way. When we are under the influence of Peace we are able to see beyond the conflict of words and actions. In fact, peace as service to the world looks very much like acceptance of the moment rather than a fight against it. Knowing peace is a choice causes us to realize that if there is to be peace on earth, warring against anything won’t bring it about, We can’t force peace, but we can choose peace.

What we choose is reflected back to us as the world we see. If peace is what we choose be, peace will appear in our experience of the world because everyone in our world benefits from our peaceful vibe! The Universal Law of Attraction responds to the vibration of our thoughts, the feeling behind our words, and the intention behind our actions. When we are peaceful, just like a boomerang the Law of Attraction causes what we put out to come right back to us.

There is a familiar Bible verse that is often used in wartime, “There is no greater love than this: that a person would lay down his life for the sake of his friends.” That verse doesn’t necessarily refer to dying, but to living. We can choose to live our life in such a way that we bring peace with us wherever we go and lay it down for everyone to see, no matter what’s going on.

When we remain peaceful no matter who we are with, and no matter who is saying what to whom, everyone profits from the peace we emit. It’s been said An enemy to whom you show kindness becomes your friend whether he knows it or not. Peace within us is unconditional. No one needs to agree with us before we choose It. It doesn’t require a treaty. But, it does require surrender. In order for us to live under the influence of Peace we must surrender whatever we have against anyone, including our self. Then, when the enemies within our mind disappear, we are able to let peace on earth begin with us.