Image by ThomasWolter

Why is it important for us to be aware we live in an expanding Universe? What does something as astronomical as Universal expansion have to do with our “little ‘ol earth life”? Everything. Because we’re created out of the Energy, or Life Force, of a Universe that is perpetually pushing out and creating more of itself from within Itself, and because we live within It, we are part of Its expansion. We are the ones through which Its Unlimited Energy is extending, expanding, and creating more and more. And, there is nothing we can do about it, as long as we live within It, except to go with Its expanding Flow, and grow.

It is in our nature to push out and create more of our self from within our self using the Unlimited Creative Energy that lives in us and gives us life. It is always ready to create for us anything we choose, including a whole new way of being our self in the world. But, if our feet are firmly planted in a “no way” stance of inflexibility, we are saying to the Unlimited Source of our life, “Hell no, I won’t grow!” And, we don’t appear to grow. Or worse, we appear to become less and less, and to decline as we go along.

Our inflexibility in a Universe that is constantly on the move puts us behind in creating the life we want to live. If our daily affirmation is, “It’s just the way I am and I can’t change,” then our becoming aware we live in an expanding Universe where nothing stays same, helps us to know that “Yes, we can.”

The Energy that fills the Universe is flowing through us right now—through every cell in our body, through every emotion we feel, and through every thought we entertain in our mind. We are using that Energy in our life every moment because there is no other Energy or life. The good news is that we have the Power within us to direct Its overflowing creative abundance into every area of our life. The bad news is that we also have the Power to direct It away from us by becoming a big, immovable boulder in the Flow of our own life, and causing overflowing abundance to “go around” us.

Our unawareness that the Universe is expanding and we are, too, doesn’t excuse or exempt us from the changes that come with expansion. Trying to keep life from changing is like putting our finger in the proverbial dam in an effort to hold back the powerful flow of water.

If things don’t seem to be moving forward for us. If things don’t seem to be changing in positive ways. If our health, relationships, finances, and opportunities for self-expression seem to be stuck, restricted, or small. It isn’t the Universe that has stopped expanding!

All life is constantly on the move, and it’s moving forward. Even if our life seems to be the same, day-after-day, and going nowhere, we are still expanding and becoming more and more of our self every moment. It’s just that we are becoming more and more of the same old self, and creating more and more of the same old challenges. Our fixed ideas about who we are and what life is about, those rigid thoughts we refuse to change because we are sure that what we see and experience is all there is to see and experience, keep us from seeing and experiencing any thing greater.

We need to go with the Flow of Life in order to discover what Life is about and the Self we are created to be in It. But to go with the Flow requires our letting go and allowing our self to be shaped and expanded through change. Becoming aware that the only constant in this life is change, and that change is intended to lead to expansion and growth—mentally, emotionally and spiritually—not only helps us to accept it, but to embrace it because we trust its Spiritual Origin and Purpose.

Life is a moving experience. If water doesn’t flow, it stagnates. If blood doesn’t circulate, it clots. If we live in resistance to moving in (within), moving out (being authentic in the world), and moving on (when it’s time), our resistance will cause us to be intimidated, frustrated and stagnated by even the idea of change.

Often what we fear to lose most is the known, the sameness in life that feels safe. Fear keeps us stuck physically, mentally and emotionally because we feel safer with things just the way they are. And even if we don’t like things just the way they are, we’re afraid change might make things worse.

There is so much more, eternally more, for us to know and experience about our self and life that a fixed mindset doesn’t allow. As the saying goes, “if we keep thinking what we’ve always thought, we’ll keep getting what we’ve always got,” no matter what we’d rather be getting. And since we live in an expanding Universe, we’ll keep getting more of the same.

The thoughts we think over and over again leave a traceable pattern, a deep rut along our mental pathways. Ever feel like your life is in rut? It is the illusion that our spiritual “income” can be fixed that keeps our mind closed to new thoughts that create new feelings; to new words to convey those new thoughts; and, new actions to express those new feelings.

The good news is we have the Power within us to unfix our thinking—to learn, to grow, to expand our awareness, and to become more and more of our amazing Self in an expanding Universe that is always ready to create more and more good through us.