Image by Jan Alexander from Pixabay

“The Flow” is the Powerful Vibration of Love that carries within It every good feeling we could ever desire to feel, from satisfaction to total bliss. Its Universal Movement is the Invisible Energy, the Vibration of Creation, in which we live, think and feel. And because we live in It, and It lives in us, we create from Its Unlimited Possibilities for life expression our individual self-expression.

It isn’t a matter of “to Be or not to Be” in the Flow because there is no other place we can be. The Flow is Life, Itself. If we are breathing, The Flow is flowing in and out through us, as us, with every breath we take. That is how close It is to us. That is how One we are with It. But there is a difference between our living in ignorance of It, and unconsciously and passively going with the flow of whatever appears to be life in this world, and our being aware of the Creative Power of The Flow and consciously and actively choosing WHO we will Be and HOW we will Be within It.

As the Poet Rumi’s spiritual teacher, Shams Tabrizi, wrote more than 700 years ago: “Don’t go with the flow. Be the flow.” And his student, Rumi, wrote these words: “You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.” But we can only experience the amazingly expansive Life within us by consciously Being like The Flow of Life within us. A Universe that Flows with unopposed freedom and movement would never place restrictions upon us. We are not limited to, or limited by, what we can see, hear, touch, taste, and smell even if that is all there seems to be to reality. We are free to Be, if we choose to Be, just like The Flow and imagine so much more about our self and life.

If we can see it in our mind, if we can feel it in our heart, it already belongs to us. It is already ours to Be. All restrictions, lack of freedom and self expression are self-inflicted. Only we can stand in the way of the natural Flow of our Well Being. No matter what anyone else may say or do, even if their words and actions seem to be against us, can’t affect us or limit our self-expression unless we let it by making it ours, by taking it personally, and by agreeing to take a stand against our self or them. The Good Life we desire to experience has no opposition except our own resistance to It. We know when we’re resisting It, and standing in the way of our Good, because it doesn’t feel Good when we do.

We are lovers, living in an Ocean of Love filled with endless opportunities for us to express the Love we are. Anything less is not the One the God of our Creation created us to Be, and when we’re not being that Self of Love we’re not being like The Flow. We can’t be in hate, anger, resentment, or frustration, and Be like The Flow at the same time. We can’t need to be right, take sides, point fingers, or assign blame, and Be Love at same time. When we react to the world around us based upon what we see and hear, rather than choosing a response based on how we want to feel, we lose insight and access to our power to call to us the Good Life we want to experience.

Some say life is hard, and it can certainly look that way. In fact, thinking life is hard can become such a habit, and feel so natural, we don’t realize we have a choice to think otherwise. We forget we have the power to break down the hard, rigid thoughts we have allowed to build barriers against the grace and ease of Life’s Flow in our life. We’re the Decider of how our life Flows. If we mindlessly and inattentively “go with the flow of whatever” in this world, life seems hard. It’s not only depressing to live as if we have no choice, it’s dangerous. It can cause us to feel deprived of what we want, and powerless to do anything but float in the murky waters of what we don’t want, living in fear of what might be lurking in the darkness. We feel vulnerable to the ebb and flow of a world that is fickle, unstable, unpredictable, temperamental, imbalanced, and often volatile. A world that seems to have the power to just as easily cause us to crash on rocks, as to float without direction or enthusiasm on the surface of existence.

But we can decide otherwise. We can choose to look deeper within our self and discover the greater adventure that is ours to live. We can choose to choose, with great awareness, who we want to be for now, and how we want to feel right now. Choosing thoughts that feel good, and allowing new thoughts to arise from that good feeling, brings about a sense of well being within us that attracts to us the happy results of our choices.

It is only when we become aware of what we thinking, and when we consciously choose the thoughts we want to focus on, that we become aware there is “something there” in the Energy and Vibration of Life that is responding to the choices we make. That “something” is the Living, Moving Flow of Love. Its Universal Laws govern every living being. There is no ignoring the Laws, or breaking them, that won’t bring about consequences. Not because the Universe doesn’t love us, but because It does. In fact, if we willingly and mindfully work with the Laws that govern us, we begin to understand that such Laws are created to work for us because they were put there by the Power of Love that permeates and activates The Flow.

The Laws of the Universe, just as Love Itself, are stable, predictable, balanced, constant, and dependable. They are there for our Good. Ancient Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu, wrote, “Those who flow as life flows know they need no other force.” If we want more health, happiness, peace of mind, financial affluence, and satisfaction in our day-to-day life, we need to open our mind to imagining that Good, so that we can flow as life flows and begin assisting in the creation of the Good Life we want to live, rather than resisting it. All that is required of us is to let go of the mental hand signals that say “stop” to The Flow.

The Law of Circulation governs the way the Invisible Flow of Life moves in and out of visible and invisible form and expression everywhere, including right where we are. Thoughts are invisible things before they become visible things. Our thoughts may be invisible to us, but they are visible to the Vibration of Creation that is responding to them. Whenever we are thinking, we are creating future moments.

Dennis Merritt Jones wrote in The Art of Abundance, “One of great paradoxes in life can be found at the center and circumference of the Law Circulation”… that affirms the Universe is energy in perpetual motion, exchanging one form of itself for another.” Given the opportunity to Flow unimpeded in and out of the forms and expressions in our life, i.e., allowed to circulate without resistance to Its movement by our hard-line belief system and unyielding, inflexible opinions of right and wrong, the Law of Circulation would cause any form or expression we don’t want in our life to easily move out, disappear, kaput! But in order for us to let Good, in any form, flow into our life, we must also allow It  to flow out of our life.That’s the paradox!!

Giving and receiving are one. There can’t be a giver without a receiver, or a receiver without a giver. We receive from The Flow within us and give to the world around us. Whatever we withhold from life is withhold from our self. Not because the Universe doesn’t love us, but because holding back and holding on impedes the Law of Circulation.

A Zen Proverb tells us that man stands in his own shadow and wonders why it’s dark. If we withhold love from others when they don’t say the words we want to hear, or they don’t behave in a pleasing to us way, we stand in our own shadow. If we place special circumstances on the love we give, if we make our love a limited edition, limited love will be what we receive.

Dennis Merritt Jones reminds us that “to create true flow we have to first understand the secret to life, our oneness with the Universe. And prove we understand it by embodying the wisdom found in the paradox: We can only be in The Flow by letting go” and giving to life what we want to receive from life.

Shams Tabrizi wrote: “This world is like a mountain. Your echo depends on you. If you shout good things, the world will give it back.” Sound is a Vibration of Creation. We “shout” to the Universe through the vibration of the thoughts we emit, And like an echo, the vibration that matches our thoughts comes back to us in the forms, expressions and experiences of our life. All that is required for us to Be like The Flow is a shift in our thinking from “I want” to “I am.” If we want more Love in our life, we must Be that Love so that we are a vibrational match to the Love we want to echo back to us. When we feel the Love we are, we can’t help but to shout “I love you” to everything and everyone. And whether this world thinks we are crazy or not, we can’t fail but to attract a match to the Love we are.