Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

We are discovering we are free to choose what we want to think and how we want to feel, no matter what may be going on in any moment. And, we are learning how important our choices are in creating the life we want to experience. Every thought and feeling carries a high or low vibration, so that what we think and feel not only determines our experience in the moment, but through the Law of Attraction that responds to those vibrations and brings more of the same to us, we are creating our future experiences as well. Through the conscious practice of choosing the high vibration of Joy, we can discover that even when outer circumstances seem to deny Joy is there for us choose, we can choose It anyway because It’s ours to choose.

It’s been said, “We can’t always choose the music life plays for us but we can choose how we dance to it.” The key to creating a life where we feel like dancing, not only as if no one is watching, but with no concern if they are, is to give our self quiet moments to hear the music within us and feel the rhythm of our own song. But, it’s difficult to hear the song of our heart when the noise in our head causes static. Mental noise makes us want to plug our ears and get away from all those things we believe are responsible for the noise. But, there is nowhere for us to go if the noise is made by conflicting thoughts bouncing around in our head. We want peace, but we think angry thoughts. We want love, but we think unloving thoughts. We want joy, but we think sad thoughts. We want to love our self, but we criticize everything we do!

Nothing outside of us has power over our thoughts and feelings unless we allow something or someone to have that power. No one is responsible for our joy, but us, even when we expect other people and events to make us happy and feel disappointed when they don’t. We are in charge of how we respond to people and events in our life. We can give negativity power or we can choose happiness. What we choose depends on what we do for our self that inspires our choices. Do we put our self in the powerful position of taking responsibility for what we think, feel, say and do? Or do we live as if the world has creative power over our life, and we have no choice but to react to the what others think, say and do, even though we don’t feel good when we do?

In this world joy is a choice we often find we need to make many times throughout the day because world events seem to call to us to feel anything but joy. It is essential for us to give our self moments throughout our day to quiet our mind, uplift our spirit, and decide how we want to feel. If we don’t remind our self that joy is there to choose because Joy lives in us and is natural for us to feel, with all the negativity in the world right now, joy will seem unnatural. A crazy choice for us to make. An unrealistic choice. Even a choice that lacks compassion. What are we doing being happy when the world is suffering. We should be helping, not dancing!

But, we can’t help the world by joining in the same low vibrational thoughts of conflict and feelings of anger that have created the sorrow, drama and conflict in the first place. We don’t serve the world by focusing on the problems that the media reports over and over again, and repeating those reports in our conversations throughout the day. A helpful question we might want to ask our self is, “Do I believe it’s more important for me to be informed by the world so that I don’t miss one negative event, than it is for me to be “Inner-formed” by my Spirit so that I don’t miss one positive call for love?”

This human vehicle, or body, we take with us everywhere we go runs on pure positive energy. But so often we try to run it on empty. We need a full tank before we hit the roadways of life each day—whether the road begins when we open the bedroom door and greet our family, open the front door and greet our neighbor, or open the garage door to drive off to greet coworkers, friends, and strangers. Trying to get through the day on an empty tank is exhausting because we’re not tapped into the inexhaustible Energy within us that can do all things through us.

What can we do with our self to fill us up from within? It begins with what we do when we open our eyes each morning. If yesterday’s problems readily come to mind and we brace our self to face more of same in the day ahead, our inner fuel gauge won’t move. If we jump out of bed and hurry off to join a world already in progress with stuff that needs fixing, and maybe stop to turn on the news first to make sure we didn’t miss anything important while we sleeping, our fuel gauge will remain on “empty” as we start our day.

If we want to be of service to others we must be of service to our self first by giving our self time when we wake up to be grateful that we woke up! That should put a smile on our face! Then to take a moment to be still and know that right where we are, God is, and all is well. In this way we go through our day aware the same Powerful Presence we said “good morning” to is still there with us. We can’t teach the world to sing a happy tune if we’re not singing one. We can’t invite the world to dance if we’re letting the events of the world keep us off the dance floor. If we want to create a life that is a joy to live, and be helpful to those around us as we do, it is vital for us to take time to fill up with the juicy goodness of the joyous Energy that flows endlessly to us from within. When we’re running on a full tank of High Vibrational Fuel, we’re ready to serve the world!