Sergey Gorbachev

June is the month that completes the first half of 2023. Right now is an excellent time for us to assess how our life is going so far this year. Even though it’s June, it’s not too late for us to ring out the old (if it followed us into this new year), and ring in the new! It’s never too late for us to become aware of something new about our self. In fact, now is always the perfect time for newness. Our LEC theme this year is “In 2023 I’m free free free!” So the first question is: “How free free free have you been feeling so far this year?”

Have we felt free to let go old of limiting thoughts, no matter where we learned them or how true they’ve felt about us? Do we feel free to live a life we truly enjoy living, maybe for the first time?” We began the first Sunday of the year by considering that a new year symbolizes boundless possibilities of the “yet to be known of our Self and Life” to become known to us through our living Life with an open mind and a happy heart. We considered that every moment of 2023 would be an opportunity for us to experience more good in our life by asking for more good in our life, and then expecting to receive more good in our life.

What new good experiences have we asked for and actually experienced in some way in our life so far this year? Did we ask for, and then allow for, more good health, more financial freedom, more loving relationships, more peace of mind, more satisfaction in our accomplishments, and more excitement about what’s coming next for us? In other words, has 2023 (so far) turned out be a year that brought a new, more powerful, joyful and freedom-filled YOU into your awareness? We only know how to answer that question by asking our self, “How do I feel about myself and my life right now?”

Existential psychologist, Rolo May, wrote in The Courage to Create, “Human freedom involves our capacity to pause between the stimulus and the response” (what we see and how we choose to be) “and in that pause to choose the one response toward which we wish to throw our weight. The capacity to create ourselves, based upon this freedom, is inseparable from consciousness or self-awareness.” That is why we have been focusing these past few Sundays on the practice of mindfulness, the practice of moment to moment self-awareness, the practice of being conscious right where we are, rather than being on automatic pilot in our mind unaware of the vibrational energy we’re emitting.

Eckhart Tolle wrote, “Vigilance in oneself is very important. Vigilance means to be alert to what happens inside, so you can catch an old, collective habit pattern.” Vigilance allows us to pause between stimulus and response so that we can choose what we want to experience in the moment. Being mindful is inner vigilance. It’s paying attention who we are being and how we are being in the moments of our life as we live them. If we decide to practice mindfulness, by the time this not-so-new-year ends, our life will still feel new. In this way, every day we’ll feel enriched and blessed. There won’t be one iota of regret or remorse because we’ll know that in each moment we were free to choose and we did!

Our life is up to us. We’re not in charge of what happens around us, but we are in charge of what happens within us as it happens. We’re the chooser of our choices, and we always have a choice to choose a positive point of view no matter how things may appear to be in any given moment. People may be noisy, or even quarreling, around us. Someone may be unhappy with us and want to quarrel. Maybe we’re not experiencing good health right now, financial freedom right now, or feeling good about some of our relationships right now. But we still get to choose our response to what appears to be right now.

Abraham-Hicks tells us, “Never mind what is. Imagine it the way you want it to be so that your vibration right now becomes a match to your desire.” If 2023 so far hasn’t turned out to be the new year we’d hoped to see, if today so far is below par, as the saying goes, “It ain’t over ’til it’s over.” We‘re free to imagine right now how we want our life to be for rest of the day, the rest of 2023, and beyond. Regardless of appearances right now, if we keep imagining how good our good life can be, and we feel good about that right now, we’re giving our good spiritual-vibrational passage in our mind and emotions, and a place to land in our life.

John Muir wrote, “The power of imagination makes us infinite.” There’s nothing that we can’t be, do, have, or experience for the rest of this year and rest of our Earth life. The power of imagination is a superpower. Every wonderful thing in this world owes its manifested existence to the imagination of someone. Without imagination nothing new is possible in the world or in our individual life. In fact, without imagination nothing is possible at all. This means that it’s also true that every problematic thing in the world owes its manifested existence to the imagination of someone, and that every problematic thing in our life owes its manifested existence to us. That’s how powerful we are even when we’re imagining the worst!

Remember the saying, “What’s cooking”? It was way of asking “How are things going for you” or “What are you planning?” We used to say in California, “Que Pasa?” (What’s up?) If we want to answer that question for our self, all we need to do is notice what we are expecting is going to happen to us and for us, and how what we’re thinking and expecting is causing us to feel right now.

Abraham-Hicks tells us, “Whatever you’re thinking about is literally like planning a future event. When you’re worrying, you are planning. When you’re appreciating, you are planning…What are you planning?” So the next question is: “What are you planning?What are you imagining? What’s cooking?” Our imagination is cooking up a plan for our life experiences right now. In this very moment we’re cooking up something. Wouldn’t we like to be more aware of what we’re cooking up?

We’re spiritually, energetically and vibrationally cooking with gas all the time with every thought we focus on and imagine is true. All thoughts we focus on for any length of time, all the things we give our attention to and react to in some way (in trust or worry, calm or frustration, love or criticism), all that we actively want and actively don’t want, become our experiences when we give them the time of day long enough to affect our mood and attitude. When we focus on anything long enough to feel good or bad about it, we become a vibrational match to it.

For example: We can wake up in the morning, get out of bed, stub our toe (and perhaps offer a few choice words to whatever we stubbed it on), and then what we focus on in our mind next will literally plan our day. We can decide to think about the last time we stubbed our toe, how hard it was get our foot in our shoe, how painful it was all day, and how we eventually lost our toenail. And, we’ll be cooking up a day filled with encounters with people, situations and conditions that are a vibrational match to us. We’ll walk into the day as a bad mood waiting to express itself, and as we know there is always someone or something to help us express our self!

The only reason what we don’t want, who we don’t like, and problems we don’t enjoy show up in our day is because we’ve given them our energy and creative power to show up. We’ve given them passage in our mind and a place to land in our experience. And, even though we’re not happy they showed up, we’re not surprised when they do.

The good news is we can decide a stubbed toe is no big deal and won’t define our day; that it’s going to be a great day anyway. When we choose a good mood despite circumstances, when we expect good experiences throughout our day, that’ll be what’s cooking everywhere we go because we’ll be a vibrational match to the good stuff. Our being a vibrational match is all our good needs to manifest in our life.

So, the answer to “what’s cooking” is: Only what we give energy to with our thoughts, imagination, emotional responses, and physical demonstrations. We are always turned on vibrationally, on high or on low, because we are the very flame beneath our choices. Abraham-Hicks tells us, “There is a Life Stream that flows to you, and this is a Stream of clarity, a Stream of wellness, a Stream of abundance, and in any moment, you are allowing it or not.”