This coming Thursday is officially Thanksgiving Day, and even though Thanksgiving seems to have lost its decorative emphasis these days, and there are no catchy songs associated with it, still it has managed to squeeze its way into our life between Halloween ghosts and Christmas Santas, and continue to hold significance for many of us.

But often because we want everyone we’re planning to spend Thanksgiving Day with to have a good time, we get caught up ahead of time in the fuss and concern of planning the Holiday celebration. Whether we’re preparing the whole meal or just bringing our special dish to share, often our preparation is filled with anxiety, and even resentment, especially if someone else isn’t bringing their traditional dish or doing their part to help out. By the time Thanksgiving Day arrives we’re feeling more stressed than blessed, and more grumpy than grateful! By the time we sit down to Thanksgiving dinner, we’re so exhausted by the all commotion that preceded it’s difficult for us to remember what the day is all about. We’ve forgotten to focus on appreciating our loved ones and feeling gratitude for the good in our life.

That’s why the daily practice of feeling the high vibrations of gratitude, appreciation, and giving thanks is so important. We begin to feel the positive energy that fills us whenever we’re feeling grateful, so that when a day like Thanksgiving Day is dedicated to giving thanks, we’re ready! We’re ready for a full day of being grateful right where we are, wherever we are; a full day of appreciating everyone we’re with, no matter who we’re with or what they may be saying or doing. If we allow it to be, Thanksgiving Day can  feel like Holy Celebration it is intended to be: the glorification and magnification of Gratitude.

Melodie Beattie, author of Codependent no more, wrote: “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough and more. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.” Gratitude is a powerful thing because it causes us to perceive life from an awareness of our Divinity. Abraham-Hicks reminds us, “Love and appreciation are same vibration.” And, because God is love, gratitude causes us to rise in our awareness of life and consciously connect with the God within us.

In the Book of Matthew we read, “For where your treasure is, there is your heart also.” Where are we looking for our treasure, within us or to the world? Are we consciously on an inner journey of the heart? Is it our intention to feel our Oneness with all of creation and discover more and more of the one we’re created to be? Or are we on a solely human path of separation, looking to the world to tell us who we are and to give us what we need? Whatever is important to us, whatever we value, we treasure. Whatever thoughts we practice in our mind is where our heart is also.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said, “Heaven or hell is your state of mind. If the mind is in difficulty then hell is right here. For a free mind, there’s always bliss. It’s always heaven.” We could say X marks the spot where we’re either standing in heaven or hell. A spiritual journey will expand our heart and increase our awareness that all we need wherever we stand is already within us. Such a state of mind brings us freedom and joy. A solely human journey will break our heart and keep us living unaware that the world can’t give to us what is already within us. Such state of mind imprisons us and causes us to live in lack and neediness.

Eckhart Tolle tells the story of a beggar sitting on a box by the side of the road for over thirty years. One day a stranger walked by the beggar, and the beggar mumbled, mechanically, while holding out his old baseball cap, “Spare some change?” The stranger said, ”I have nothing to give you” and then asked: “What’s that you’re sitting on?” “Nothing,” the beggar replied, “just an old box. I’ve been sitting on it for as long as I can remember.” “Ever looked inside?” the stranger asked. “No” the beggar said, “What’s the point? There’s nothing in there.” “Have a look inside,” the stranger insisted. So the beggar managed to pry open the lid, and with astonishment and elation he discovered that the box was filled with gold.

In the Book of Luke we read, “For nothing is concealed that will not become evident, nor anything hidden that will not be known & come to light.” This Earth life isn’t a game of hide and seek. It’s about getting up off our assets and using our treasures. Our treasure isn’t hidden, but we do have to know where to look for it so that it can come to light from our heart to our mind and into our life.

If we’re looking to the world to give us scraps of pleasure and satisfaction, or for validation, security and love, whatever we experience won’t fulfill us as a spiritual being. Success that seems to come from outside of us causes fear within us. It causes us to be selfish and jealous, and to take and possess rather than give. We’re here to give our treasure to the world, not to find something to keep and hold onto for dear life in it. If we want to know what we treasure, and where our heart is focused, Abraham-Hicks reminds us that what we’re living is the evidence of what we’re thinking and feeling, every single time.

No thoughts are concealed that won’t become evident as our life because whether we’re standing in a crowd or standing alone in our kitchen, X marks the spot where we’re communicating with the Universe through the vibrational energy we’re emitting with our thoughts. And, because the Universal Law of Attraction is all about energy and vibration, It knows where our heart is and where our treasure lies. It receives our vibration and answers it, no questions asked, with things that match it. Our life lets us know whether we’re standing in heaven or hell; whether we’re treasuring our identity as Divinity and looking within us for the peace, joy, love, and abundant good we desire to experience, or we’re looking to the world and blaming those within it when they do not (because they cannot) provide our treasures for us.

When we decided to come into human form, we carried our own treasure map with us, drawn by the hand of God. A Course in Miracles tells us that it was drawn with everlasting Love. The X on that map not only told us where to find our treasure, but included the words, “You are here,” so we wouldn’t get lost on our adventure in the world. But instead of following our own map, we often look at everyone else’s map to see where they’re going. We may look at the map of someone who appears to be succeeding in the world and try to follow their map believing the X on their map marks the spot where our treasure is also. Or we may look at those who appear (to us) to be going the wrong way because they’re not behaving in the way we think they should, and so we insist that they follow our map. But the X that is on our map belongs only to us. It is the X the Universe sees, the X that marks the Presence of God in us.

Speaking as our Divinity, The Way of the Heart tells us, “I am already That which I seek. While this body lasts, I will allow it to be a communication device that extends the treasure of perfect Love, perfect safety, and perfect peace to all who enter my house. And, my house is my field of energy, the expanse of my presence.” Our true treasure is the radiant joy of Being our true self, and the deep unshakable peace and well-being that comes with it. The treasure within us not only includes all those things we want to experience in our human adventure, but infinitely greater treasure than anything the world can offer.

Are we sitting on our assets like a beggar asking the world to “spare some change?” Are we looking outside of us hoping to fill our emptiness when all that we want is right there already? The lyrics of the song, “It’s Already There,” tell us, “You spend your days hoping/You spend your nights wishing/You’re always feeling something is missing/Can’t you see?/Don’t you know?/You don’t have so far to go/It’s already there what you’re looking for/It’s already there don’t have to search anymore/Open your eyes/believe that it’s true/It’s already there inside of you.”

Gratitude is the key that opens the holy treasure chest within us. When we’re grateful to be alive, when we appreciate all the good we already have, the Universe demonstrates to us that Life is good, “every time” and all the time. Our treasures are endless because they flow from the Infinite Source within us. When our heart is filled with Gratitude, we feel good vibes within us and that feeling extends to those around us, to those who enter our house, our field of energy, the expanse of our presence. We experience the good vibes that cause good health and help others to heal. We emit good vibes that cause good relationships and happy encounters. X marks the spot where our good comes to us and through us.

Present moment awareness, free of past regrets and future concerns, marks the spot of the joyful radiant Being that is our true Self. Right where we are, wherever we are, is the spot where the love, light, joy, laughter, peace, hope, and beauty of creation expresses through us. In other words, “X marks the spot” where Christ is revealed through us.